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Flyboone 04-10-2009 05:14 PM

Write a review - win a 1/4 scale Pilot-1 Aerodrome RC Plane!

Write a review - win a 1/4 scale Pilot-1 Aerodrome RC Plane!

Who is JACK?
Some say there are three kinds of RC Pilots: first it's "I don't know Jack", then it's "I am Jack", and the highly respected "I taught Jack" - which means, if you're willing to give back to a great hobby, you can hook a brother up - Brother Jack.

If you've flown it, you know it, which makes YOU Brother Jack!
Hobby-Lobby just launched a new website, featuring hundreds of pages of new RC products and we're asking you to take a minute to enter your FLIGHT FEEDBACK and PRODUCT REVIEWS - an all new (and so far rather empty) customer review feature. Simply write a published review* by midnight on April 15th (who's idea was that?) and you're entered to win one of our prize jewels: a 1/4 Scale Pilot-1 PA-12 Super Cruiser .

Check the great aircraft in your RC hangar and give us your opinions. Only one review per product is allowed, but EVERY review you write earns another shot at the JACKPOT! The winner will be announced on RCGroups.com with a link to your winning entry.

Customer Service and Quality drive Hobby-Lobby International and we know customer feedback is a critical guide for the next customers' choice. Good or bad, this helps us provide you, your flying club or a new RC Pilot who "doesn't know Jack" to make the best product selections. Imagine that PA-12 Super Cruiser in your hangar! Let's all "Get JACKed UP and FLY" the best stuff!

To submit a reveiw:
* Join the FREE Hobby-Lobby R/C Star Program
* Login to your account on the HLI website
* Go to a product page and write a review about any HLI aircraft you have experience with

For a reveiw to be published, Jack needs to satisfy the following criteria:
* Well thought through, whether positive or negative
* Proper grammar and spelling
* No profanity
* No personally identifiable information
* No slander - just hit the strengths and weaknesses

max2112 04-10-2009 05:44 PM

Good deal.
I just popped over and did a write-up for the Rafale.

You already have my address for the SuperCub!;-)

Nitro Blast 04-13-2009 08:25 PM

Me too! Watch for my review of the F/A-18 EDF!

Twmaster 04-13-2009 08:34 PM

You won't like my review of the Art-Tech EC-135....

Nitro Blast 04-15-2009 12:41 AM


Originally Posted by Twmaster (Post 591453)
You won't like my review of the Art-Tech EC-135....

I'd bet they would. If it is written as asked, they did state that Pros and Cons are wanted.

Go ahead... write an honest review from your perspective and keep it professional. You may be suprised.

When you have millions of customers, there are bound to be some that just dont work out. Where the real fail is, is when a company does not attempt to make it right. I've witnessed HL step up to the plate time and time again.

Remember, the review is about the plane, not Hobby Lobby. If the plane sucks, say why.

Twmaster 04-15-2009 12:50 AM

I honestly wish I had time to for the contest. Perhaps later after my week settles down some.

Flyboone 04-16-2009 06:52 PM

We have a winner!
Hey guys,
We had tons of reviews flooding in the last few days. Thank You! We accepted reviews that were submitted up until midnight last nigh even if they were not posted on our site yet. Every review had a unique number as they were submitted and we used a random number generator to select the winner. AND THE WINNER IS........... Drum roll please... badadadadadadadadadadad....... Richard with the following review:

Few sounds are more gut-wrenching to an R/C pilot than the loud “CRUNCH” of a beloved aircraft-and a significant investment of time and money-smashing itself to atoms. Whenever we take to the air there is the possibility of the unexpected causing an accident-a puff of wind at the wrong moment upon landing, or the surprise failure of a key component (even though we do a thorough pre-flight check). Still, being prepared greatly reduces the odds of an accident, and part of being prepared is practice. When I was learning to fly, I was inept enough to destroy two Wingos, and one has to almost be trying to crash a Wingo. I wish I’d had a less expensive way to earn my R/C wings on my own.

Enter Ikarus’s Aerofly PRO Deluxe R/C flight simulator. If you have a computer that meets the system requirements, this is bar none the best way to learn to fly R/C on your own. For the price of one relatively inexpensive R/C plane, you can fly over 100 different models on nearly 50 different airfields. Begin with tame planes, like the Bleriot, and move up to more challenging models as your skills improve. All the crashes (and lessons learned from them) are free. You can fly inside when weather conditions outside forbid it, and develop the motor memory necessary to execute breathtaking aerobatics or avert crashes that might be caused by a gust of wind or an errant seagull. The mark of good (or great) pilots is hours of experience, and you can rack them up with this flight simulator. You can adjust wind speed and variability, visibility, and other flight variables, or add fun effects like smoke. There are also different challenge games you can play, such as balloon popping.

Some things to know before you buy: you can run this simulator with the minimum system requirements, but it’s best to have the recommended system setup, particularly if you want to add effects like smoke. The modeling of the landscape could be a bit more precise. Many’s the time I flew over the treetops, with a reasonable amount of space between my plane and the trees, and suddenly my model would crash into some invisible barrier above a tree. This isn’t necessarily all bad, as it teaches you to stay well clear of obstacles, but if you want to play daredevil with a highly maneuverable plane your options are limited. Your type of transmitter also limits which models you can fly. With my Hitec Laser 4 it’s harder to fly models with retractable gear (though not impossible, I just have to put up with the drag of having the gear down). For a big, heavy plane like the DC-3, plan on using a LOT of runway to get it stopped if you don’t have a channel for wheel brakes.

Inevitably, when I’m flying at the local park, someone approaches me and asks how I got started. I tell them how I got started (by crashing planes), then tell them how I should have started, with a good R/C flight simulator like this one. If you want to teach yourself to fly R/C, this is the way to go.

Congratulations! I will be contacting Richard via email to get an address to send his brand new 1/4 Scale PA-12 Super Cruiser.

Now some good news for those of you out there that did not win.

Announcing a second review contest! To be followed here http://www.wattflyer.com/forums/show...797#post592797 Any reviews submitted to us between now and May 21st will be eligible to WIN........... A Secret Plane! Why is it secret? We are entering this airplane in the SEFF 2009 Best New Product Award contest. To be fair, I will give you a clue and a classified spy photo to go on. We will disclose the full details of the airplane after SEFF. Trust me, this is a prize worth winning. Clue #1 "Roger, Roger What's our Vector Victor" Keep those reviews coming and you too could WIN!

Jason Cole
Hobby Lobby
Follow me on Twitter

Twmaster 04-16-2009 07:13 PM

Ooooh... A scale B707??

Now that would be neat. And yea, I think I can have my review of the EC-135 done by then. ;)

Nitro Blast 04-16-2009 07:26 PM

Congrats Richard, awesome review!


Originally Posted by Twmaster (Post 592804)
Ooooh... A scale B707??

That makes me happy!

Jason, I have a question however....
When I read the instructions for the review, I remember:

* Go to a product page and write a review about any HLI aircraft you have experience with

With that, I kept my reviews to HLI airplanes that I have purchased and flown. With that in the instructions, I was under the impression that you were not looking for reviews of other products, nor were those eligible to win. Those were the rules right? I'm not whining (although it may sound like it) there is only one winner, but to me it appears as the winner didn't do as the instructions stated (unless the sim features HLI aircraft ;) )

HL Rocks and is one of the companies that continually gets my business, as a consolation, how about 75% off the price of the Super Cruiser? He he he ....

Flyboone 04-16-2009 07:42 PM

Hmmm. I guess we should have used any HLI product instead of aircraft. My fault. The contest is applicable to anything on our website from props to planes to spinners to helis. Sorry for the consusion. I'll give you 75% off a lovely photo of the PA-12. Does that work? :D

Jason Cole
Hobby Lobby

Nitro Blast 04-16-2009 10:56 PM

Thanks for the clarification Jason,

It was just an oversight, and those happen. I'll be ok with 50% off :<:

It really is a purrrrty airplane.

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