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garyp1029 04-30-2016 01:53 AM

Dynam Tiger Moth and a Zoar Wood Prop
I found this on RCGroups dated November 26, 2014, regarding the Dynam Tiger Moth----"A Zoar 12x5 woody prop . . . made a lot of difference with performance. A 2200 4s provides over 20 minutes of mixed flying combined with the super efficient prop. Zoar prop and a 2200 gave me 25 minutes of pure flying satisfaction." I have a Dynam Tiger Moth and with a 4s 2200 and the recommended 12x6 prop I am lucky to get 6 minutes of mixed flying. Question--Does a good wood prop such as the Zoar make THAT much difference???::o::o Gary

fhhuber 04-30-2016 02:21 AM

A better prop can make a difference... but a lot of it is how much throttle you use.

The Dynam Tiger Moth can fly quite well near 60% throttle and you don't gain a lot by going higher.

The 12X5 is a low airspeed, high power prop which is more in line with the draggy biplane. Above appx 75% throttle with the OEM prop on 4S all you are doing is beating the air into submission (which doesn't work... just wastes power)

12X5 APC E would do even better than the Xoar woodie. But a Xoar scale wood prop looks wonderful on the Tiger.

birdDog 04-30-2016 03:46 AM

Wood props can be a little lighter and in many cases should consume less amps when the throttle is slapped open. I doubt the savings are that great though, especially on a Tiger Moth.

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