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Madspadder 03-06-2020 12:58 AM

F-22 Gym Flyer from Buzzard Models
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Just received two of Buzzard Models new F-22 Gym Flyer Kits. The kits are well packaged and go together very quickly. They are made from EPP foam so should hold up well. Buzzard Models offers a kit version and a bind and fly version. The F-22 kit is made to fit the power package they offer and makes for a very easy build. I maidened the Jet last night and flew it on low rates. The jet performed really well fast and slow. I did a little high alpha which it handled very well. I only had one battery that fit the Jet so didn't get a chance to try the high rates. Everyone thought this was really "cool" little indoor jet and so do I !! I think Buzzard models has another winner.

Wingspan: 16.25 Length: 23.5 Weight: approx. 55 grams without battery, 70 grams AUW with 2S 300mah battery.

Kits are available here: https://www.buzzardmodels.com/F-22GymFlyer

Power combo here: https://www.buzzardmodels.com/F-22PowerCombo

BNF's here: https://www.buzzardmodels.com/F-22GymFlyerBNF

Instructions here: https://www.buzzardmodels.com/assets...structions.pdf

Madspadder 03-06-2020 01:04 AM

Here is a video from last night of the F-22 Gym Flyer doing what it was meant to do... fly in a gym:)My plane came out a lot heavier because od all the paint, decals and slightly larger receiver and esc that I ended up using. The jet still flew well and had plenty of power with the specified motor. This is really a fun little jet and the kit really goes together quickly with the great instructions.

Wildflyer 03-06-2020 06:55 PM

I have a F-22 made by someone else, I have no idea who now. It is a little smaller at 15 1/2" ws but weighs 61 grams without battery. I need a battery about 35 grams to balance it. AUW would be 95-100 grams. It is made of a printed smooth depron type material.
Somehow I don't think mine will fly very slowly, inside the only building I have available would be exciting or maybe terrifying I don't know which.

Looks like you have a nice little plane.

Madspadder 03-06-2020 07:15 PM

This model was supposed to have an AUW of 70 grams , mine came in at 120 with all of the paint, decals and larger servos than called for. I find if you have plenty of power you can fly it high alpha and really get them to slow down in tight places. This jet was flown on low rates and was really a joy to fly. The gym we fly in is quite small and being made of EPP foam instead of Depron allows for some mishaps. Terrifying is never good but exciting is fun !!

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