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solentlife 07-30-2017 01:40 PM

Use of Phantom 3 Standard to produce FPV / Camera MR
OK .. because economic repair of my 'submarine' version of the Standard is nigh impossible ...

I am looking at using the basic platform to fit Flight Controller and ESC's ... to create an own machine without all the gizmos.

A 'fun machine' in effect.

The motors and shell are good to go ... so all it needs is that FC / ESC's / 2.4Ghz normal Rx ... and she should fly.

I may sling a simple gimbal / camera under - depends on how successful the swap over is.

It may even cross the acceptable line to become an FPV machine .. something that the DJI setup is poor at.

If I do it .. then there will be a new thread dedicated to it ...


solentlife 07-30-2017 01:40 PM

My idea is to improve my FPV skill set before moving onto other things like my Tiger Moth.

The P3S is sitting there and seems a shame not to do something with it. I'm not looking to create a racer out of it ...

Given the price of likely bits to make it work as a P3S again ... I can spend a lot less money producing a moderate machine ..

Pal of mine is heavily into FPV - so he has already been advising on bits etc. He's also a Phantom owner.


solentlife 07-30-2017 01:41 PM

Proposed :

5.8Ghz Tx with pan / tilt camera without gimbal (gimbal is deadly for FPV !!) - better to have camera give you exactly what attitude AC is in !

Gimbal and HD camera separate for on-board recording - based on the Action Camera style copies of GoPro

Integrated Flight Controller with regulated output for 2.4Ghz regular RC Rx ... with regular Tx - should give over 2km range (not that I intend to go further than usual RC model distance anyway).

GPS module with autonomous Waypoint, RTH and loiter capability.

The motors are all good - so will just need to have new ESC's as per FC above ...

The battery slot in the frame will have the connectors refitted and 'my' LiPo will use the old DJI battery case to secure in place.... without the DJI board ... balance lead will be available as usual from standard LiPo.

Once I have the list of goodies sorted and the installation done --- all will be posted up for anyone interested in similar.

"Bringing life back to a P3S"


Panther 07-31-2017 01:17 AM

Hi Nigel
My buddy and I are working on the Omnibus F3/ F4 at present as that in conjunction with iNav is the way to go for what you are proposing.
iNav is aimed more at sport/FPV etc with RTH and altitude hold, telemetry etc with more lollies being added to the bag as time goes on, like sonar etc.
I have a lot to learn even though I became quite proficient back in the Naze 32 days.
Naze was full of promises that never eventuated.
I will follow this thread with interest.

As for a camera gimbal. I used a Bangood 2 axis gimbal for some time with great success. I wrecked it and bought another and it was also excellent until I wrecked it too.
I bought a replacement board from Banggood recently that looked the same but it appears I have been duped with a clone and no amount of FW seems to get it to do anything but shudder.
Banggood offered to help but I decided to cut my losses and buy a non clone gimbal board as at least I won't get frustrated trying to get the damn thing operating.
I waited several weeks for it and spent several weeks trying to get it to operate. Waste of time.

Hope this helps

Incidentally, I found that my old ESCs were not suitable for these new FC boards nor were the motors I had used previously for the Naze Boards.
You must use quality Simon K or preferably BL Heli ESCs. Emax motors are good too.
Some good info on the IntoFPV Forums.

I use a SJ4000 cam and I have a few FPV cameras (Runcam Eagle) etc but I like my old 808 #16 720P cam for FPV. (A lens)

solentlife 07-31-2017 07:48 AM

Interesting .... Banggood dies seem to be a good source ....

There's also a combo camera / tx on Hobby King at about $30 ... which I hear may be cheap but works quite well.

I have a 9xr and FlySky module / Rx unused at moment - so that's earmarked for this.

Pal of mine has a spare set of goggles with built in auto-scan Rx .... so initial costs are low. Once I test - then I decide which way to go.

One idea I did have - was to actually repair the P3S .... then add lightweight FPV separate camera / tx .. the P3S can carry it easily. But then this would be an expensive route - but I would regain the HD video recording .....


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