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dotyj 07-24-2007 03:51 AM

Parkzone Micro Cessna 210
I bought one of these yesterday and got a chance to fly it briefly outdoors today and again indoors.

Outdoors the plane did pretty well with a very mild breeze. The plane really struggled flying into the wind but it could do it. Flying with the wind was amazing to watch, the plane was very quick.

I did a couple of take offs and landings and the plane did very well.

Later I took the plane to a great space area in one of our buildings. The area is likely fifty or so feet long and maybe thirty feet wide, not quite big enough but an entertaining place to practice.

The plane did very well without wind bothering it. Take offs and landings were easy. I even did a touch and go, climbing hard while banking right to avoid the wall. :)

I had a number of mishaps though. I've not successfully flown anything with more than two channels for more than a few seconds, not counting my Cessna 182 parkflyer which I've flown for only a few minutes ever back in June.

Bumping anything head one will jam the propeller gear requiring pulling the prop shaft out slightly to dislodge. I need to either figure out a way to prevent this from happening during head on collisions, or better yet, stop hitting things head on.

All the gyms where I work are being waxed this week so I won't be able to fly indoors in a larger space until next week. With luck I'll be able to get some stick time outside while the wind is co-operative.

Over all I'm pleased with this little plane. It doesn't have a bunch of power, I still haven't figured out how to loop it, but it sure does like to fly.

Mike_Taylor 07-24-2007 04:29 AM

There were five of them at our indoor meet Saturday night. Loops were not a problem although a little dive to build up speed helped a lot. They would sort of stop at the top, then zoom on through. Very cute...

dotyj 07-24-2007 04:33 AM

I'll have to try a taller ceiling room so that I can get a dive going.

Those little things are a kick.

I was able to fly a figure eight pattern in the room with little difficulty.

phillipmorris 07-26-2007 03:14 PM

The plane is a hoot, love it, had over dozen flights already as mine came w/xtra battery, its almost too easy to fly, first plane I tried the loop and is easy, need altitude, abit of throttle, simply dive, up eleavator loop she goes, my best enjoyment is flying it at low speed head high, looks realistic, landings are also easy, several right at my shoe laces, this ones a breeze..

For some reason mine might have a small glitch, once in awhile the motor stops, pull throttle off, takes over 3 seconds and usually comes back on, not sure what is going on, when I fly really close- less of that problem or not at all...

It does have a nice red light in the center of the fuselage, perhaps night flights later during full Moon, also are micro trims, failed to notice these right off the bat, work fine, give a beep during adjusments..

For close in and indoor flying, will be hard to beat...<>..does take up to 5MPH rather well but bounces around alot...nice one...<>..

Not sure on the time element, but reaches well up to 10 minutes, even 15 or more possible w/low inputs...<>..

Also mention it comes w/display stand includes the charger, the batteries are small tab like, slide into the base and charge in about 15 minutes, having just two batteries your up for along time, ohh and the charge period using 4 AA's in the base are good for about 15 times, so Nickel recharge batteries suggested..<>..

dotyj 07-26-2007 06:05 PM

I love this plane. Dang, it's just too expensive, but I really enjoy it.

I got some out door stick time this morning before work and I had a ball.

I did manage a few loops. The plane is very forgiving. Wind is at 1mph with 4mph gusts this morning. Everytime the wind would gust the plane got tricky to keep off the roofs of nearby portable classrooms, but I managed okay.

I finally had a wind gust push the Cessna 210 behind my office so I cut the throttle and went around the corner to pick it up. No damage at all. I decided though that it was time to pack it in, the wind was making me nervous.

My only concern is that if I hit something with the prop, the gearing jams up and I have to pull the prop out slightly to dislodge it. I don't know what the cause is but I suspect that it will not be a problem so long as I learn to fly without running into obsticles head on. :)

gfl 07-26-2007 08:28 PM

Dotjy - Glad to hear that youre not the only "unaccomplished" 3 ch pilot...Im in the same boat (or plane) and thought I might be the only one. From reading this and other forums, sounds like many others who have relative inexperience or less than positive experiences with 3 ch planes are having great success with this bird. My kids love flying AA's in our cul-de-sac and was hoping that this plane would offer something like that and more.

Mike_Taylor 07-27-2007 06:58 AM


Mine came today and I got it in the air just before sunset. I fly micro R/C but also have the AAs and all the other $20 - $50 toys. And helicopters.

The cessna is the easiest to fly of any of them except the coaxial helicopters that essentially go up and down, and it is way more exciting than all of them... Youll love it in the cul-de-sac. That is plenty of room.

NCNewbie 07-28-2007 06:57 PM

I found this little gem at a LHS and got an extra battery and prop for $150... great deal considering the plane is 149 on-line. Only flown it twice but love it so far.

Cheap Guy 07-29-2007 04:30 AM

First flight...ever!
This past spring I assembled an E-starter with Futaba electronics. Been so busy I never got a chance to fly it and everyone warned me not to try it alone. I saw the Parkzone Cessna on a video the other day and decided to give it a try while my kids were playing with their AirHogs.

In short, I flew it today and had a ball! This was my first RC flight and I had no problem at all. First flight was a success with a hand launch and virtually no wind. The only practice I had was on the FMS flight simulator but I was doing figure 8's on my second flight. I was on a grassy field and had a few hard landings but the plane is pretty tough. I gave the controls to my 11 year old daughter and she also had no problem flying the plane. I even let my 6 year old daughter give it a try and she did well, except for the landings. The plane glides well so landing are just a matter of cutting throttle and coasting in.

I still need to do a few adjustments, especially since I couldn't get it more than about 15 feet in the air, but the controls were pretty easy to get used to.

Overall, even though it is somewhat "pricey" I give it a thumbs up!

phillipmorris 07-29-2007 06:55 AM

Fly mine outside exclusively, wait for evening or early mornings winds usually die down, slight breeze it climbs very quickly, looks impressive flying a slow pass head-high, these are very responsive, turn on a dime and land gently with wings level, tho I have yet to measure the exact flight times, sure are near or over 10 minutes, the x'tra battery charges in 15 minutes, so you have near continual flying, the battery looks like a piece of tiny dentine gum with a extended piece for easy removal, the bottom of the plane has a stickem (perhaps micro velcro) and lodges firmly, and the charger and stand are impressive, slide in the spent battery-base has a red diode that blinks till its charged-shuts off if not removed, doesn't get much better than that, precision flyer, almost too easy...BEST ..<>...

dotyj 07-29-2007 07:00 AM

I can almost fly mine in my yard. I've had mine up at least 20 feet.

These little planes are a hoot, I'm glad I snagged one.

Mike_Taylor 07-29-2007 03:45 PM

I've flown mine every morning and evening when its calm, set it on the driveway, stand back and take-off! Touch and goes are a hoot, especially with Jake the bird dog helping me fly. The drive way ends in an 80' X 80' turn-around for the FD, and the model can esaily be flown in half that area.

I've been working outwards, looking for the range of the TX/RX combo. I've had it over trees and phone poles known distance away, out to about 200'. This morning I was working upwind into the drift and, at an estimated 250', I heard the motor cut for a second, indicating signal loss. I had the model just visible over the top of the 2 story house, so some of the signal could have been blocked. This seems to be plenty of range for most places where you'd fly this model and would cover an entire baseball field.

dotyj 07-29-2007 07:39 PM

I must be getting old. I can't see the 210 well enough to fly out 200 feet. :)

My whole yard, house included is 85' by 55' and my house, carport, and shed take up a big chunk of that, so no flying airplanes at home for me. Though I do fly my helis in my neighbors driveway when it's empty.

Still, I work for a school district so I have lots of places to fly and keys to get there.

It is amazing just how small a space you can fly the parkzone Cessna 210 in.

Dispite this plane's small size and low power, it is a real confidence booster. I think this plane is directly responsible for my ability to fly my GWS Beaver which I've had for four years and not flown until last Friday. I wrecked the Beaver on my second flight but I did fly it and it was exciting.

dotyj 08-01-2007 05:39 PM

I finally got some extended fly time this morning with my Cessna 210. What a ball.

I love this plane, it absolutely wants to fly. I flew figure eights, did some loops, did some stalls. I flew some low level passes and even got up quite a bit higher than I am actually comfortable with for such a small plane.

The breeze picked up once in the middle of the flight and I ended up down wind quite a ways, but I flew the plane back without much effort.

I did notice battery placement is vital. My battery wasn't centered very well and the plane tended to turn in the direction where the batter weight was. It really wasn't a problem and I didn't even bother to try to trim it out.

I lost my spinner over the weekend in my front yard, I should replace it, the spinner only weighs about a gram but would put some needed weight in front of the wings.

Mike_Taylor 08-03-2007 01:26 AM

I'm loning mine. It has around 4 hours of air time on it so far with two minor repairs (one to the wing root and another to the horizontal stabilizer) from flying into - instead of around - the tree in the garden. I am very impressed with the low-speed handling of the model as well as its over-all flight characteristics.

I also like the reception of the gear. I have ordered several more radios and parts to go into self-designed models.

dotyj 08-03-2007 02:48 AM

Originally Posted by Mike_Taylor (Post 240221)

I also like the reception of the gear. I have ordered several more radios and parts to go into self-designed models.

That is a great idea! I gave that idea almost no thought at all, I'm not experienced enough to pull something like that off.

Besides, I'd want to build a four engined B-17! That would be a cool micro plane. :)

Aero Ace Ace 08-03-2007 05:49 AM

Micro 210: very cool
5 Attachment(s)
I saw the Parkzone version at my LHS a week back and started reading about it. It seemed very well received (even at $150) so I decided to buy it. It flew perfectly out of the box. This little thing may be in the same weight class as an aero ace, but it flies like a 3-channel trainer! I had this thing flying around the trees: over and under the branches. Not into and stuck on! I have not crashed it, but it looks very delicate. It flies very slow so it's easy to recover from trouble. The scale looks and slow speed make it look very cool in the air. The only strange looking part is it has about 30 degrees of down-thrust. I thought mine was broken but it flies perfectly and it looks the same as in the pictures. There are quite a few 3-channel trainers in the $150 range, so it's no bargain. The fun factor is you don't have to drive to a park or a club to fly.

From the manual, "This aircraft is for experienced RC pilots only and is not a toy. It can cause serious bodily harm and damage to property!"

Mike_Taylor 08-03-2007 05:59 AM

So build from plans. There are lots of suitable models published and freely available. The Death Trap Squadron has a couple of neat Gee-Bees and some other interesting subjects (http://www.deathtrapsquadron.com/)

dotyj 08-03-2007 06:02 AM

Originally Posted by Aero Ace Ace (Post 240456)

From the manual, "This aircraft is for experienced RC pilots only and is not a toy. It can cause serious bodily harm and damage to property!"

I suppose you might put someone's eye out.

Still, having my co-worker, Steve the Viking fly the thing on his second attempt was amazing.

This plane can really build a new pilot's confidence. What a joy to fly.

Aero Ace Ace 08-04-2007 10:03 AM

One problem tonight, the plane repeatedly seemed to lose signal from only a few yards away. Each time, the plane would beep twice, and after 3 seconds would come back to life. This resulted in some minor crashes. The Tx batteries are all reading over 1.5v

Also turning left is much harder than turning right. I increased the size of the rudder but it hasn't helped much.

Aero Ace Ace 08-04-2007 10:43 PM

I substituted charged NiMHs and the Tx is working fine. I put a few drops of WD-40 on the gear box and it flies much quieter and smoother.

It does ok with up to 5 mph gusts, but loses the scale flying appearance.

dotyj 08-04-2007 10:48 PM

How did you get to the gearbox?

Sometimes when I hit a non-movable object head on the prop shaft pushes in and jams, I'd like to fix that.

Mike_Taylor 08-04-2007 11:36 PM

Slice one of the decals along the nose with a razor blade or hobby knife; use the other decal as a hinge. It pops open like a clam shell and all the works are right there. A couple spots of tape puts it all back. They even sell you replacement decals if you want to keep the looks 100%...

Aero Ace Ace 08-04-2007 11:51 PM

I was able to drop the WD-40 in thru the holes in the front.

Today a gust of wind threw her down hard and the prop shaft snapped. I ordered some parts but it will be a few days before she's airworthy again.

MiniCessnaGuy 08-05-2007 02:53 AM

Hello everyone, (my first on-topic post yay!)

I picked up one of these crazy fun things last week. Needles to say this was the first RC plane I've ever flown, other then the old string swingers, and ya, I can confirm that it's very easy to fly. lol, but I still managed to crash it into the ground 3 times, the house 4 times, and even managed to lodge it in a tree once. The only 'damage its taken is a missing prop cone, no scratches or even dents yet!

Anyway, I've notices an audible vibration noise once in a wile. Could this be caused by the lost prop cone or is it just something that happens?

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