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debhicks 11-26-2005 10:42 PM

Blade CX for those to talk about
Well we got our dealer pack in and the chopper is cute. It is a pull out and fly deal. Of course it is a Lipo set up already and that needs to be something that if given as a gift to a young starter pilot needs to be addressed.

Since we have been covered up, these came in the door Wed afternoon, we have not test flown ours. As luck would have it there is some damage to the front body from shipping. It looks like the box was dropped as one corner was crumpled. Bummer. However, Horizon will take care of that as they always do.

The reason the damage other than having some box damage was due to the proximity of the capacitor on top of the motor. The impact Cracked the top of the body cover. I noted this because you may want to notch or bend the cap down as it would be easy to damage the canopy if you pushed too hard on it. No other damage was noted and I feel confident it will fly.

The lipo has a nice little compartment it slides into. That is nice. No fighting the canopy to fit around the battery. This has a home already and you don't have to take the canopy off to service the battery. It slides out and has access on the front end so you can push it out. You will have to afix a piece of supplied hook and loop to it as there is one side already installed on the chopper in the batter compartment. That will be installed on the end of the battery.

The battery is secured with rubber rings holding it.

E-flight has provided a charger/balancer with the chopper. It is 12 Volt and will need a power supply. I am sure I didn't see one in the box. :confused:

Not a problem for the oldtimers or non first timers, however again, if this is a new purchase for a new flyer they will need to be aware of that too.

That is really all I have to report on the cute little chopper. I can tell you that about 50% of the spare parts were made available Friday. That means they will be hitting your LHS soon. The Police body for it will not be available until the first week of December :rolleyes: So it will make a nice stocking stuffer.

The transmitter is 4 channels and it looks just like the 6 channel without the manual servo selectors on the front of it.

Hopefully the ETA on the little chopper will be firm for the end of the month because the dealer packs aren't lasting.

I hope I got all that right. I was busy going around and makine sure I took all the batteries out of the demo choppers today because I had a customer go around and start plugging them in. He thought it was fun to watch the servo's jump around. :mad:

Mamma Debbie stepped out and explained his mother should have taught him a long long time ago not to touch anything. Man, you would think that would at least stick. :)

Ok They are all safe. And none the worse for wear. Makes my husband nervous when I come out from behind the counter. (mad) :)
He'll be back next week for a chopper. The guy with sticky fingers that is. My husband says he's taking a vacation :rolleyes: Well what can I say. :)

zappedalaskan 11-26-2005 11:40 PM

Blade cx thread..
I just ordered a Blade cx from Wills Hobby and CB shop. (AKA debhicks) :)
Top notch customer service and on-line support right here! Can't beat that. New Blade cx owners please feel free to stop in often and post your experiences. Or any questions you might have about the Blade cx.
Take care, :)

Hotshot Charlie 11-26-2005 11:44 PM

Check out this video of Matt Bottos flying the little CX:


zappedalaskan 11-26-2005 11:51 PM

I had a customer go around and start plugging them in. He thought it was fun to watch the servo's jump around.
Holy smokes! that could have been chaotic to say the least! Let alone the kid could have hurt himself. I notice a lot of times people bring kids into a hobby shop and treat it like it's toy-r-us.. turning the kids loose to "go play" in the hobby store. Not to clever..

debhicks 11-27-2005 02:05 AM

We are happy to be of service. Thanks again Jay.:)

That kid was 55+. He knew better. He held it up in the air and laughed. Look what I made it do. Will told him not to turn stuff he could damage the gears. (my blade mind you). I looked up and he had just said I plugged in the battery, duh!


He's lucky to have his fingers left. :)

No not really. I can fix anything, but we were more concerned that it start rotation and clip him in the adams apple. Would have served him right but I didn't want to have to clean up the mess. :(

Kids some big some small don't know how to behave in public places. Rarely do I see a parent correcting. So it is safer that I just leave the batteries in the NO ZONE.

RW650 11-27-2005 06:25 PM

Picked up my Blade CX 2 days ago. Awesome little Heli! Very stable, practically flies by itself. So far, no bad habbits to report. It stays where you put it with minimal input. I am still new to Helli's and the CX is very easy to fly.

zappedalaskan 11-27-2005 10:17 PM

Originally Posted by RW650 (Post 24960)
Picked up my Blade CX 2 days ago. Awesome little Heli! Very stable, practically flies by itself. So far, no bad habbits to report. It stays where you put it with minimal input. I am still new to Helli's and the CX is very easy to fly.

Thank's for posting that! I am glad to see the first report a good one:)
I am looking forward to hovering around the house on days like today (30 degrees F below zero) Today..
Take care,

Hotshot Charlie 11-27-2005 11:00 PM

Check out Matt Bottos flying his little Blade CX:


I think you can call that as stable as a heli can be.

zappedalaskan 11-27-2005 11:29 PM

Hi Charlie,
Good to see you here again. Haven't seen you since you sold your XRB.
Don't be a stranger :)
Take care,

Hotshot Charlie 11-28-2005 01:12 AM

Hey Jay,

I'm lurking.... heheheeee

RW650 11-29-2005 02:48 PM

Blade CX Update
Well, I have had more time to get acquainted with the little Heli. I am very pleased with it. Still no bad habbits to report. I flew it around my living room, down the hallway and circled the bedroom. Driving my wife nuts. I took it outside and tried to fly in 5mph winds. It was a handful. I didn't crash but I will not be flying it outside again if there is any wind. This is a great machine. It stays where you point it and is very stable. I highly recommend this heli to first time heli pilots.

zappedalaskan 11-29-2005 06:46 PM

Thank's for keeping us posted! I am really liking the feedback about the CX. It has all been very positive. I can't wait.. Mine will be here next week :) Winter has set in here and All of my helicopters are to big or to twitchy for indoors.
Thank's for the video! That is a good video. And all it is doing is hovering around, no fancy moves at all. What I was impressed with was the fact that the gentelman flying it is talking, holding the camera in one hand, filming and hovering the heli in a small room, right between his computer and his Jack Rusell Terrier. The dog just sat there and watched.
My point is that if you can narrate, shoot footage and fly the heli all at the same time. This Tells me that it is a very stable heli. He just took it out of the box, charged it and trimmed it. You can tell it is bone stock. I have had many heli's over the years and The only thing that even comes close is the Hirobo XRB. It is $100.00(Min) More and parts are more and harder to find. I got the Blade CX two sets of upper blades, two sets of lower blades and an extra battery for $230.00 to the door!
It won't fly inverted, but you start snapping off some hard 3D in the living room (unless your single and/or you live alone) Your better half or even a room mate is going to come unglued! Please don't ask me how I know this :) suffice to say, I am getting a small indoor heli for x-mas. I am really close to santa. She wouldn't skip me :)
Take care,

RW650 11-30-2005 12:42 PM

You are welcome, ZappedAlaskan!:) You'll love the CX! I bought extra blades and a spare battery. My only complaint is with the included LiPo charger. The allegator clips are very small. I soldiered bigger clips on the leads so it would fit my car battery. Let us know when you get your heli!

RW650 11-30-2005 01:36 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 4229Here she is hovering in the garage.

zappedalaskan 12-01-2005 05:58 PM

Very nice RW,
I really like the fusealage on the cx it is a nice departure from the mash style bodies. Mine ships tom. :) I can hardly wait! Most of my Heli's are kits. I love to build them, but plug and play is going to be sweet with the CX. Have a great day!

watt_the?! 12-03-2005 12:27 AM

ive been watching these blade threads for ages....are they any good?

we dont have them here- just copies.

zappedalaskan 12-03-2005 05:49 PM

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by watt_the?! (Post 26009)
ive been watching these blade threads for ages....are they any good?

we dont have them here- just copies.

Hi Tim,
This is the new Blade CX The other is a Blade CP. Same company. E-flight. The blade cp that everyone is talking about is a collective pitch Micro heli with the Tail motor. 4-n-1 mixer and a 370 motor. If your already running a T-rex, You might want to pass on that one. However The new Blade CX is a little coaxial Micro heli that comes with a four channel radio and even has a Lipo battery. Mine will be here wed.:D
I can't wait. This little machine comes right out of the box ready to hover. There is a video clip up above in this thread, where the guy is flying it with one hand while running a camera and giving a commentary on how stable it is. It is hovering in a small room between his dog and a computer. The wind is blowing the dogs ears back lol. It is very stable.
and has a cool looking fuse. There is also a police fuse coming out for it before the first of the year. It is just the ticket for flying around the house. And looks good doing it. They are priced at 189.99usd I got mine with an extra lipo pack and two sets of upper and lower blades for 230.00 to the door. Here is a pic..

debhicks 12-03-2005 07:24 PM

Hey Mate,

We can get you one:)

Not a problem.

watt_the?! 12-03-2005 09:52 PM

Originally Posted by Hotshot Charlie (Post 24986)
Check out Matt Bottos flying his little Blade CX:


I think you can call that as stable as a heli can be.

i love the bit where you say...the dog wont even move...she knows it's so stable.....right then she bolts away as the heli drifts a bit to her!

lol...never work with animals and children..

amazingly stable though i must say!

watt_the?! 12-03-2005 09:54 PM

Do you have them for throttle on the right stick though?...thats been my problem with US RTF helis...i'd need to purchase it without radio and Rx.

Do you guys do one like that?


Tonym 12-03-2005 11:27 PM

I got my CX in from Will's Hobbies. Thanks guys!

It fly's nice. I'm having a couple of problems with it that I'm sure must just need to be trimmed out. It rotates while hovering even with the trim on the TX set all the way to the right, so I just need to adjust the proportional mix.

The other thing that I noticed about it, and I didn't notice this before, the blades are fixed rigid. That is to say they don't fold at all like all of the other heli's I've seen. This means that if the blades strike something they won't give and the main shaft and rotor head will take the full brunt of the impact. The blades are hard plastic so I doubt they will break before the little pins on the rotor heads.

sancho2 12-04-2005 12:55 AM

Just got my blade cx from my local hobby shop and they sold 8 of them in the last 2 days the owner tells me. he did a demo flight in the store and i was hooked and bought one. This thing is so easy to fly and im having fun watching my cat wonder what the heck is flying around his house. One thing that was mentioned and that is, it doesnt come with a standard charger that plugs into house current. I bought the home charger for $23.00 u.s. Well its off to flying some more as i cant get enough of this tonite...lol

zappedalaskan 12-04-2005 11:27 PM

Welcome Sancho
Hi Gary,
Glad to see you over here in this thread. This is our CX thread and we have a good time and a lot of fun here. I am happy you are pleased with your CX. Happy hovering and stop in and visit us often!
Take care,

zappedalaskan 12-06-2005 09:28 PM

It just got here!!
My Little Blade cx just got here. It is charging now:D
I just wanted to stop in real quick and Thank The kind folks at Wills hobbies and CB shop and let them know that I got it and it arrived in great shape:) It was packed very well and made the trip up here just fine.
I am off for some flying. I will report back later. Thank's again Debbie for all your help and such great customer service.
Take care,

debhicks 12-06-2005 09:47 PM

Your welcome. Now make sure the wife gets to fly:)

One just trickled in the door a few minutes ago. Didn't know it was coming. Must have caught California off guard.

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