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Wildflyer 02-12-2011 07:53 AM

Hobby Lobby? F-16
I just bought an older F-16 EDF, I was told it is a Hobby Lobby plane, but I'm not sure.

WS = 21" or 532 mm but this is without wing tip rockets
Length = 31 3/4" or 805 mm tip to tail cone
EDF = 70 mm at the entrance to fan
Impeller = 5 blade
Servos = 4, 1 each side of ailerons and elevators

No landing gear, not set up for any.
Canopy and 12" bottom hatch removable with magnet latches

I do not know motor KV

Looks like HL's but their F-16 is larger at 24" WS and has landing gear.

Does anyone recognize this plane?
I need to know recommended battery, or what would make it fly well, and the proper CG position.

It's a little beat up, but you won't see that while it's flying, and I'm not into this plane very deep ($45 needs rec & bat)

Thanks for any help

THE.NEED.4.SPEED 02-13-2011 06:08 PM

Do you have a pix of the jet.

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