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EQMOD 01-04-2009 01:07 PM

4 Channel PicooZ : Micro Stunts
Its realy fun testing the limits of a 10 gram 4Ch helicopter in your house. And here she is with a couple of videos on some of the stunts;



Ground Hovering - A real test of the cyclics;


Single Loop Pass - Attempt 1


Single Loop Pass - Attempt 2


Double Loop Pass


Triple Loop Pass


Double "in-line" Loop Pass - Attempt 1


Double "in-line" Loop Pass - Attempt 2


here is a more challenging task, passing through a 'smaller' opening;


Smaller Loop - Single Pass Attempt 1


Smaller Loop - Single Pass Attempt 2


Smaller Loop Double pass


here is the final leg of the sub micro 4 channel stunts. The heli is getting over exposed already on youtube :D. But i did finally add a "body" into to it. :)


This time its a test of the aileron response, that is flying "sideways" plus a little spot landing at the end;



Sideways through the loop and back;


And then through a smaller loop while still flying sideways;


And a quick "spot landing" on a small platform;


pburt1975 01-04-2009 01:29 PM

Thats too cool EQMOD. do you have some more close ups of how you did it?

EQMOD 01-04-2009 02:01 PM

I am using the "slide pin" approach as the mechanics is pretty much simple than using commutators, floating magnets, cyclic motors, etc. etc.


One thing the delayed the completion of the project is the late arrival of this;


Its the 2nd magnetic actuator which i will use for the aileron channel.
To complete the circuit, i added a 2nd walkera 4#3 servo controller board that will drive the aileron magnetic actuator. Here she is with the trim pot added. I used thin wires to make it light.


Adding the rest of the wires that will connect this controller to the aileron channel of the 4#3 2.4Ghz 4-in-1


Now for the slide pin, instead of metal, i used thin hard plastics. Specifically a tail fin from an X-twin plane;


Using a knife cutter, i made two "plastic slide pins" for the aileron and elevator channel. I used a thin solid copper wire as poles so that i could easily bend them when the time comes in "fine-tuning" the cyclics;


and here she is with the 2nd magnetic actuator, 2nd servo controller and the two plastic slide pins mounted on the picooZ frame;


Close up of the cyclic mechanics from the front;


and close up of the cyclic mechanics from the rear. Take note of the two overlapping plastic pins;


To keep the cyclic controls precise, i added centering magnets at the side of the actuators;


and here is a tracking test video;


and its maiden tail-in hover video;


EQMOD 01-04-2009 02:13 PM

and here is micro video scene of rc cars and helicopters :D;


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