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phillipmorris 02-03-2015 11:25 AM

HobbyZone Duet Micro Twin Engine $59 RTF
No that's not a misprint it's all complete ready to fly, plane, transmitter, batteries!

Is a micro experienced pilots makes a great indoor gym flyer. Calm weather outdoors as dawn and evening for below 5 mph breeze.

Purchased mine Friday and received Monday from hobbyZone.


Came home last late afternoon and pkg arrived. Put in the transmitter batteries and plane was already bound. It's altogether no build necessary.

Caution for beginner it will porpoise, roller coaster up and down simply manage some downstick with correct throttle and smooths out.

Has enough power, is a glider like flight, slow great for beginners. Go easy on the throttle, too much and loops, tho fun manuver, keep safe altitude on these.

Micros are not for everyone, wow can't beat the low price tag!

It's 3 channel with twin motor power for turning, has elevator, go easy on it for the more level flight.

Hope to have indoor video with perhaps a newbie on the sticks!

First flights outdoors suggested in a large clear area.

Sim practice always an asset, plenty out there Free, no excuse, start with a simulator!

phillipmorris 02-03-2015 11:36 AM

Plenty of simulators out there. For newbies when the plane comes towards you the inputs reverse!

The sims with a price tag match models out there on responses, as each plane flys with different characteristics.

But for now check the Free Ones!

As I have an IPhone I enjoy this one. Find it very close to the real thing on response for a trainer, and the controls are correct, important for developing required learning skills.

Handle this one and you have a better chance on a maiden flight.


phillipmorris 02-03-2015 11:55 AM

My first flight

Was slightly breezy but not over 5 MPH. Even this does effect flight.

Took off from a side street, found the porpoise effect at the start, I'm somewhat of an experienced pilot so lowering throttle with slight downstick as I roller coasted up smoothed things. Still required corrections for more level flight.

This puppie has plenty of power with the twin tho brushed engines, however they are not geared, so less to wear out here.

In error was flying close and it went out of my visual directly over my head, dang bill of my hat kept it hidden from view. Increased throttle as was only street light level high.
Gaining visual it was looping coming down by 3rd loop nearly grazing a smaller tree. Whoops, got control and decided to land.

Course traffic appeared and back up again till eventually all cleared for landing. As uses power for turn on cutting throttle thought I needed some throttle to land, it will deadstick no throttle for the experienced, but suggest low throttle to land as I eventually did.

Landed correctly with no misshaps.

Later on further inspection, even with throttle off, increased left or right stick does power either motor for turns. Try the deadstick landings, course need entry speed by slightly lowering nose then level off for zero throttle landings, more for the experienced pilot.

Is glider like, again slow for the beginner, I like this one!

phillipmorris 02-03-2015 02:38 PM

Flew moments ago in a vacant sizeable empty lot.

Tho near zero winds abit of throttle it nosed near vertical on launch. Likely will later apply some down trim as needed. But held slight down elevator especially with any increased throttle. Eventually managed some level flight.

It turns best to the left so take advance of that to avoid any obstacle etc.

Gaining some altitude was an easy flyer still required attention on correct held downstick when needed.

Lots of snow here tho level landing it twisted on the uneven surface, but safe landings. The wheels are light and springy.

phillipmorris 02-04-2015 07:55 PM

Managed a brief indoor video at the gym. Ceiling fans on did effect flight.

Later managed to loop but higher ceiling would make it easier.

Don't suggest newbies try indoors as limited space.


phillipmorris 02-11-2015 11:00 AM

In front of our apartment plenty of snow on the ground and took off from the narrow pavement walkway. Some steady breeze but still able to fly in a confined area just short of the street. Kept a watchful eye to stay away from an unwanted roof landing and also the adjacent telephone lines. Just a touch of altitude helped.

Wind direction prevented a narrow sidewalk landing with over foot snow banks, so simply landed on near edge bank, ending up with abit of snow on its bottom fuse.

Backyard flying this ones it!

Beginner will need a much more open area till skills improve.

Raw beginner or seasoned flyer, this ones all fun!

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