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Panther 08-03-2020 10:39 AM

Xaomi FIMI X8 SE 2020
After building my own autonomous drones for a number of years I decided to splurge out a little.
Whilst I have a vidcam aboard my drones, I have to d'load the vids before I can watch them.
I had a play with a new Mavic a mate bought and loved it. However I am not as wealthy as he is so after a lot of research and watching videos, I settled on the new Xaomi FIMI X8 SE 2020 model.
It can do everything the Mavic can and has a range up to 8 klm and up to a 35 minute flight time in ideal conditions. It has a 4K 30 fps camera so that will keep me happy.
Not telling my mate yet as I will just turn up with it.
Other uses are checking my property boundaries and checking smoke sources as I live in a fire prone area.

Panther 10-02-2020 02:26 AM

Well the FIMI was a disappointment to say the least.
It had a claimed range of up to 8,000 meters. I never got past 900 meters at its' best.
I had many emails to Fimi Customer Service and sadly customer service was practically non existent. They didn't want to know.
I eventually demanded a full refund and they decided to refund the full amount on return of the drone.
It is sad as I really liked the drone but false claims and bad CS while supposed to be having 1 year warranty was enough for me to quit while ahead. I had bought a few extras like a battery, gimbal cover, spare props and signal attenuators but just have to write those off as a lesson learned.
Maybe I can use the props eventually.

Panther 10-18-2020 11:36 AM

I have started proceedings against Fimi Australia to recoup my funds. https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...9#post45676175

Been refunded in full.

[email protected] 12-27-2020 12:53 AM

Nimi x8 2020
Having set up my new FIMI x8 2020 I have experienced the following problem. Either in auto take off mode or manual take off mode the drone starts ok, but the 4 motors switch off after 3/4 seconds. Any help will be much appreciated.

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