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JetPlaneFlyer 11-06-2015 05:32 PM

Spirit / Spirit Pro flybarless controller
I picked up a new Spirit Pro Flybarless controller for my heli a couple of weeks ago. I'm assuming most people will know that pretty much all new helis these days have a little box of electronics (a flyberless controller) to replace the traditional flybar that helis used to have a few years ago.
The new generation of flybarless controller such as the Spirit have some really clever features which might make helis a lot more accessible to those who thought them too hard to master. These features are 'Self leveling' and 'rescue'

Self Leveling- adds stability to the otherwise naturally unstable collective pitch heli. With self leveling the heli will always tend to return to upright and level orientation, so if you get into trouble all you have to do is leave the heli alone and it will recover to level flight. This is great for beginners and for those who just want to hover or gently cruise around. it's no use if you want to fly more aggressively but that's where 'rescue' comes in:

Rescue - Operated by a switch or button on the Tx. Normally it's off but if you get in trouble you just hit the switch and the heli instantly levels and climbs to a safe height. You can even set for 'acro rescue' where the heli will level to the closest orientation (upright or inverted) then climb to a safe height automatically (climbing inverted if that's how it leveled).

It's pretty amazing stuff when you think about it, and it works exactly as intended. I'm still a bit nervous using the 'Rescue' function. I'm not brave enough to deliberately put the heli in a dangerous 'out of control' situation and use rescue to save it, but I have tested it from both upright, inverted and with the heli in a vertical nose up position and recovery worked perfectly in all cases.

Here is a video of my Goblin heli with the Spirit pro fitted. I activated rescue inverted at 2:30 and in a nose up position at 3:58 -

So if you thought helis too hard then maybe time to reconsider?

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