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ajaxcrypto 10-15-2020 05:39 AM

Modified Nobler
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This was last winters project and I need a little help on what to call it. Horizon Hobby owns the name "Nobler" so I can't call it that, and that name refers to a control line plane. This is a Nobler enlarged 20% from some 1957 plans, converted to electric and the fuselage was stretched to make it a stable RC plane. I kept the look of the Nobler as much as I could, like the rib spacing and wing tips but most of the construction is that of a pattern ship.
Here are some of the specification:
Wing area: 800 sq inches
Length: 54 inches
Wingspan: 67 inches
Weight: 121 oz. or 7.5 lb. (This is the ready to fly or wet weight) ...It seems odd to use the term "wet weight" on an electric plane.
Motor: e-flite power 60 motor 470Kv
ESC: Castle talon 90
Propeller: 15 x 8
Battery: 6 cell Lipo 22.2 volts

I really like the way this plane flies, so much so that I'm going to build a second one and create a full set of plans as I go. Right now most of the curved parts are in CAD and were machined on my CNC router. But before I can get started I need a name to call it that wont get me in trouble. One suggestion was "Nobler 120" since it's 120% of the original, but some people may think it refers to the engine size.

So please reply with what you would call it.

Panther 10-15-2020 10:07 AM

Knobler as in Kv for electric (still pronounced the same.) Good job. I remember those. OR Knobler V As in v for volts or V for 5

Beautiful job and good luck with the kit.

Wildflyer 10-15-2020 06:44 PM

Nobler 2.0

I doubt you would want to call it; Nobler 2020

ajaxcrypto 10-16-2020 04:22 AM

I am liking Nobler 2020. Referring to a year separates it from all the version of the Nobler.
For instance, there is a:
Blue box Nobler
Green box Nobler
Top Flite Nobler
Brodak Nobler
RC Nobler by Jerry Bates
Junior Nobler
1/2 Nobler
Giesecke Nobler
and those were found with a simple Google search.

I'm also considering Nobler 800 as that refers to the wing area and it would look cool on a big decal on the side.

Stay Quiet 11-04-2020 03:09 PM

I would call it Beautiful!
Great work. I always liked the look of the Nobler - had one when I was a kid flying CL.

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