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iamafireman 01-13-2008 09:39 PM

Biggest battery
i have read a few posts on batteries, heres mine. When replacing the battery, on a cx2, I assume you have to saty with a 7.4v or you will burn up your electronics, correct? but what about mAH, what the highest you can go without doing harm? also i no that the stock battery is a 10c discharge what about 15c is it really that much beter. Will a battery with a higher mAH have more flight time even though it might have a 10c discharge rate.

I think thats about it. thanks for your help.

firemanbill 01-13-2008 09:55 PM

We got some 900 Mah 2s DN batts for ours that are 10c.

You can't go much bigger than that, if at all, and still fit in the battery bay.

Plus I don't think you want to fly too much longer at any one time for fear of overheating the electronics. Both mine and my sons are really hot after each flight.

Jstar 01-13-2008 10:02 PM

I have been doing some reading on people using 3-cell packs in the cx2. Added weight aside, if the 3 in 1 can handle the extra voltage we will be ok. The extreme motors would probably handle the extra power better than the stock but I would like to find out some more info b4 burning out the electronics. You can't put the magic smoke back in.

Jstar 01-13-2008 10:39 PM

See You Tube -- 3-cell cx2 flight. I believe he is using an E-flight 11.1v 800mah pack installed sideways. The same user has multiple videos.

iamafireman 01-13-2008 11:51 PM

so is it the voltage or the mAh that does the damage to the electronis? If i want longer flight time i guess i need a better discharge rate???

firemanbill 01-14-2008 12:05 AM

Higher voltage is what will get you initially, The Mah just give you more fuel.

In the long run in this application the extra heat generated from longer flight times will get you too...

Jstar 01-14-2008 01:28 AM

I imagine that extra cooling is just prolonging the inevitable.

Jstar 01-28-2008 10:14 PM

For anyone who cares -- I have tried the 11.1v 800mah battery in my cx2 and it is amazing. Great power, handles the extra weight like a dream. I have only flown for about 3-4 minutes at a time with about a minute rest period in between jaunts. I am afraid to dump it in the snow so the garage and the driveway are the limits for now.

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