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solentlife 10-15-2020 09:58 AM

3D print wasted !
I have the 3D Labprint files for the P51 Mustang ... so I start the print of the left wing parts .... that's over 12 hour run to print.

Started morning ... expect finish evening.

Of to shop and buy new desktop PC to replace my Laser and 3D print PC .... good deal struck with shop ...

Later that afternoon - 3D printer is Ender so it prints from SD card and I can change PC without interfering with print. Disconnect old Pentium PC and plug in the new Second generation i5 Quad Core PC with new monitor etc.
Switch on ..... beeps and lights ... where's video ?? No display ....

Check all leads ... pull D-sub lead off and screen says disconnected ... plug back in again .. black screen ... nothing. Go to monitor menu ... make sure correct cable / format .... nothing ....

While all this is going on ..... 3D printer is getting to end of spool and I need to feed new filament in ...

After about 45 mins fighting the PC - I'm a bit '*****' ..... and I nearly missed filament running out ...

I grab nect reel and put filament to the feed hole .... and then something that should never happen occurs !! The extruder unit moves while I'm feeding (print is paused) ... putting the print head out of position ...
I resume print - hoping the head will revert to correct position ... but no it hits the already printed ... I quickly stop it and then manually reposition head .... restart ... CRUNCH >> CRACKLE >>>

That's 11 hrs of print completely wasted.

PC ? no joy ... took back to shop next morning and now waiting them to get replacement from main stock in Riga ....
They tested it and could not get video out either ... D-Sub or HDMI ... nothing.

Nuts !! The wing parts - now have to wait new filament as the reel I have is not enough for the job.

If I wait for the new PC ... then I can separate the parts in the print set and use the old reel ... but I need the PC to do it ....

pmullen503 10-15-2020 03:59 PM

I feel your pain. I had a 22 hr print become unstuck from the build plate around the 20 hr mark. Of course, I wasn't there when it happened. What a mess!

solentlife 10-15-2020 04:29 PM

It would have been OK if I had noted down the X Y Z numbers when I paused the print ... at least I would have stood a chance of resuming where it left off.

I know what you mean not there .... my other 3D printer decided to lose its nozzle ...... hot filament went everywhere ....

I stripped it all down ... heated up the parts and peeled what I could off ... then used the non acetone nail polish remover to soften up the PLA I couldn't get to.

Cleaned threads and refitted. Lasted about 10 minutes ... same again.

Bought new head parts ... fitted ... BINGO ... jobs a good'un.

But I certainly do not want to repeat the clean up !!

solentlife 10-15-2020 05:09 PM

Having recently changed from my Print-Rite (still in operation ... ) to the Ender 3 Pro ...... I have got used to the magnetic bed. Marvelous bit of kit. But as my pal found out and I did as well ... it soon develops bumps and pits ... in fact mine split few days ago and I had to change to the glass bed. Everyone I know has basically put their glass beds aside and stayed with painters tape on bed or with magnetic.
I went online and they talked about using the same 'adhesive' as I have used with tape on my PR ...... hairspray ....

Works a treat .... heated bed helps it be tacky and hold the print ... once cooled - print just pops off easy.... hand sanitizer then claens bed ready for next job ...

Wildflyer 10-15-2020 05:52 PM

Sounds like there should be a device that could melt down bad parts and produce filament.

solentlife 10-16-2020 11:19 AM

Originally Posted by Wildflyer (Post 1026245)
Sounds like there should be a device that could melt down bad parts and produce filament.

Dream on !!

I know a guy has made a YT video of a machine he created to do that ... but its very hit and miss ...

It would be an absolute heaven item if a decent filament reclamation system was available. I have loads of wasted filament ....

solentlife 10-16-2020 11:52 AM

Here you go .....


$1999,99 a pop .....

I'll have 10 ...... yeh !!

solentlife 10-16-2020 02:28 PM

Just found a machine for $299 or $309 if you want the fancy bits .................... but in USA which is no use to me at all.

OK - it doesn't have the crusher grinder ... but at that price .... ??

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