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Swanj 08-26-2011 09:32 AM

Re: A dx6i mixing question please!
Hi to anyone who uses a DX6i transmitter and very fimiliar with its mixing options. I have an Multiplex Easy Cub that I removed all of the diahedral from the wings and made them flat, then also added ailerons.. If flies great, but isn't so smooth in turns etc.. I would like to add a little rudder in conjunction with the ailerons without doing it manually on the rudder. A few fellow members of my club suggested that I do some aileron Rudder mixing since the Dx6i will do that. Well, I have gone thru the manual and I'm not seeing anywhere that aileron rudder mixing can be done, unless I'm blind and overlooking it. I want to set it for a small amount of Rudder added to direction of turn in conjunction with the ailerons to give me a more corrornaded turn. I don't want to manually bring in Rudder in conjunction with the ailerons. Can aileron Rudder mixing be done? If so can someone give directions of how to do it on the Dx6i I would like maybe 10 to 20% rudder to any amount of aileron used. As I said I've been told it can be done with the DX6i..

Any ideas Please.
Swanj.. Calif: The Sunshine State.. Most of the time , that is:)

slipstick 08-26-2011 05:19 PM

You need to use one of the programmable mixs. E.g. Mix 1. Set master = Aile, slave = rudder, rates whatever you like. See page 70 in the manual.

BTW for future reference, this question should really have been in the RC Radios, transmitters etc. forum down the page a bit ;).


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