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DasFriek 10-12-2011 03:29 PM

MSR upgrades for durability? Next bird?
Ive had my mSR 2 weeks now and possibly 100 battery packs threw it, This is my first ANYTHING that goes into the air. So the little heli took a good beating teaching me to fly, It never broke a single part until after i actually got better and the worn parts started to finally let go.

So now im in the process of rebuilding it to new condition again for reliability now that i crash very little even while flying indoors in my smallish house. Im using all stock parts as i find them really durable, But in the long run i wonder if buying upgrade aluminum parts would last longer and id have fewer rebuilds and parts wearing out?

Looks or added performance aren't a concern at this point as im still kinda new and ive gotten over "Bling" parts when i had my Losi LST.
What id like to know is does the upgraded parts pay for themselves with less broken parts and less wear?

I can buy a new mSR minus the 5 in 1 and Tx and charger for $50 off ebay.
I keep enough spare parts on hand that i can build a new airframe minus the 5 in 1 also. So plastic isnt as cheap as it sounds imo.

On a second bird, Im having a hard time.
So far i mainly fly indoors and my mSR is more than i can handle now anyhow, But i know i will want more. More of everything, Power, size and abilities.

Ive been considering building an mCP X from scratch with all upgraded parts so i dont have to buy two heli's in the end as im rather sure i want this second heli to be built to handle everything and strong. And it should be a collective pitch heli also, A non motor driven tail is 75% requirement.

I am also leaning towards a larger size in the SR and SR120 sized machines, But i need to see just how much i get outside with my mSR to see how important the size really is.

I own a Spectrum DX6i already and that was some well spent money, Even my bone stock mSR fly's like a beast compared to how it did with the stock radio.

Ive been reading the Blade SR is just not a well crafted heli after reading reviews at Horizon. I don't mind spending the money as long as its on quality items.

Blade 450 3D BNF- Looks like it may be the competition to the hand built all upgraded mCPX package? The larger heli's seem to be more of a draw to me as a second chopper and my first CP trainer.

I really like the idea of brush-less motors, At least in my RC trucks.
I want the whole package to be $400 or less, That includes any mods that need done out of necessity and not just personal choice.

Past those Blade heli's i know nothing about its competition, So other recommendations are welcome. After market parts are important as well as easily found replacements.

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