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Alabama Flying Dude 05-18-2012 04:02 PM

Dunam HAwk sky glider with grayson v2 pusher upgrade Prop problems
Just installed a upgrade of the graysonhobby v2 pusher motor upgrade. grayson recommended a reverse 6x4 prop. This is the thing. When installed normal which is with the 6x4 lettering facing the rear of plane. the spin will push air to the tail only spinning in the direction of the thin side of prop? Normally the thick side of prop is into the wind as on normal pull plane.

reverse motor spin direction,,,, wind flow is toward front of plane, bad.

I reversed prop an it worked out, however had to drill thru front of prop which seems to defeat purpose of reverse prop purchase.??

I admit I am green on pusher prop, reverse, prop, etc. is the thin side of prop on reverse prop supposed to spin into wind instead of thick side???

The apc is pretty thin,,, on the thin side of prop, I dont know if that is a proper way to fly it?????

xmech2k 05-18-2012 05:04 PM

Ouch. My brain is hurting trying to understand what you're trying to say! I know in situations like this sometimes it's hard to explain what's happening.

I don't know about reverse props, but all the normal one's I've seen had the prop size #'s printed on the front curved part of the prop. You should be able to tell which way the airfoil is on the prop and which way it faces just by looking at the shape. If it's pushing air the wrong way when installed properly, maybe your motor is just running the wrong way for this installation which can be remedied by just swapping any 2 of the motor connectors.

Hope that's of some help!

flydiver 05-18-2012 06:20 PM

Reverse prop is mostly a confusing misnomer. They are for the opposite side of twin engines so they can be run opposite directions which cancels motor torque.

You can use a REGULAR prop, numbers facing forward, prop rotation the standard direction. Think about it, thrust is forward no matter the prop is on the front or the back of the plane.

For a reverse prop, numbers facing forward but the motor rotation the opposite way. You have to reverse the motor (reverse prop) to get the thrust forward. Frankly it was a confusing suggestion from Grayson.

You can put any prop on backward and it will produce thrust but will be pretty inefficient. With few exceptions all props go with the numbers forward. With some inspection you should be able to figure out the airfoil and how it should rotate to work.

Alabama Flying Dude 05-19-2012 04:13 PM

props reverse
thanks this was helpful, I am going to order some normal props, an go from there, I just flipped the reverse prop over an changed motor direction i will get in the air an get by til the other props come in. I did not know the purpose of reverse props til now.

I appreciate the help from the members always prompt an helpful.

I will say the graysin hobby super mega v2 is one powerful motor . it sheard off half of my elevator on my hawk sky, and stripped out the stock servo, I hinged the elevator an installed 2 detrum servos near the base of the tail to have 2 servos on the elevator. I beefed the back half of the tail with some rods. I also cut down the elevator tail. I had added a extension in the past for aerobatics. She is real heavy now after a year of learning to fly on her, tape hot glue, etc,

IF I can get her airborne this time with the mega motor I may recut off her wing tips as I did in the past, an just use her as a straight line speed plane. All the extra weight should get me some impressive straffing dives.

Thanks again

Alabama Flying dude

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