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rcbuildernoob 01-15-2014 01:21 PM

Where to get parts?
Hi im wondering where i can get the eletronics for a trex 450 clone kit i tried hoobyking but shiping was nuts at almost 50 dollars and that was just from the local warehouse any other suggesitions where i can try? Im thiniking of a 4300kv motor with a 35 amp esc, 3-4 9 grams servos at .12sec, and a 2200mah 3s lipo, and whatever gyro i can find. How many servos will i need ive found videos and links that say 3 and others that say 5? Ty

carpetbagger 01-15-2014 01:27 PM

Motors, lipo batteries & chargers, servos available from HeadsUpRC at a reasonable cost and very inexpensive shipping.

CHELLIE 01-15-2014 02:29 PM

Heli Jim 01-15-2014 09:14 PM

for MOST T-rex clones and regular T-rex helis, you will need four servos.

Three for the cyclic control on the swashplate and one more for the tail
rotor. It's really best if you buy a good quality tail rotor servo made for
this purpose. At the very least, make sure it's a digital servo.

When I put my heli together, I bought a helicopter servo pack from JR
and the servos worked great.

rcbuildernoob 01-15-2014 11:45 PM

Ty jim i found that it needs 4 servos by skimming through the forums. Quick question whats the diffrence between and reqular servo and a digital and why is a digital only used for the tail rotor?

Heli Jim 01-16-2014 12:13 AM

Digital servos react faster to input and most gyros need a digital servo
to do the job of keeping the tail in place. If you read the specs on most gyros
they want you to have a good digital tail rotor servo. Believe me, it's worth
it to have the right servo on the tail with the gyro.

rcbuildernoob 01-16-2014 12:24 AM

Ok. Think their is a hobby store nearby that sells a haulser 450p for like $140 might just get that so I dont screw something up lol. Any idea if the haulser 450 is any good?

pizzano 01-16-2014 03:38 AM


For parts on a 450 trex clone try Xheli or Hobbypartz....it should be fine (for scale flying) with your suggested equipment.

The Haulser is just another trex clone...almost everything on it is Align compatible......do not cheap out on the gyro or digital tail servo and consider setting it up with a good 6ch TX/RX....most that come with the rtf heli knock off packages are crap......with most knock-offs, the heli is only as good as the TX/RX, servos, gyro and mechanic/pilot assisting it!

rcbuildernoob 01-16-2014 04:34 AM

Ok think i will go with a haulser since it will be pretty much exact same price for me to buy a kit and all the parts and have them shipped and just get some better servos and gyro for it and see if i can get a trans and receiver from a friend he has a ton. Not going to be doing any extreme stunts with it at first will be only the 2nd 6ch ive had first was about 2 years ago and that was a micro never got it mastered well.

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