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CBUTLER1 01-22-2014 05:45 PM

New to Planes
Hello and Looking forward to being here. I am 58 years old and have stage IV lung cancer and I would like to be able to fly my plane before I croak. "Even if it is only to crash it".

I got started in RC with Helicopters and have new found excitement with building planes. I have built a foamy F22 that has been a blast to build using old brushless motors and servo's that I have had around with the choppers. I am trying to use a Devo7 radio and RX that I took out of a heli. I for the life of me can not figure out how to program the radio for a plane.

I only want to operate ailerons and elevators and for the life of me can not figure out how to set them up in the radio. I am using two servo's on the ailerons and one on the elevator but can't seem to get them to work right. I can get full movement one way but not the other. The radio manual is worthless. Can anyone help. Time is running out:eek:

fhhuber 01-22-2014 06:33 PM

Best bet is http://www.modelaircraft.org/clubsearch.aspx

Locate the closest club and seek in-person assistance.

Depending on the radio... some RTF package deal heli radios can not be made to work properly with a fixed wing airplane.

CBUTLER1 01-22-2014 06:47 PM

Thanks for your reply. The radio is seven channels and has settings for both helis and planes. The problem is that there is nothing that tells you what all their acronyms mean and exactly what each setting does. Chinese translator.

Mivins 01-22-2014 06:47 PM

Full travel on servos
Welcome to fixed wings, I don't know much about your Devo7 transmitter, but did see that it is for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. I'm sure it can be adapted to move your servos both ways. I suspect it is in a heli mode, that you can disable by creating a new model memory that doesn't copy any of the heli commands.
When you say it moves only one way, do you mean one direction from center and back, or does it just drive the servo to one direction and stay there? Not knowing where you are flying, is the transmitter mode 1 or mode 2, throttle left stick or right stick?
I'm sure someone on here with more knowledge of helicopter setups will chime in with the proper answer, from what you say, I think your equipment will adapt easily. Your choice of a plane might be a bit of a challenge to master without a copilot. Good luck.

dahawk 01-22-2014 06:51 PM


I'm sorry about your situation.

I'm not familiar with the Devo 7 TX /RX . Can you use a Y connector for the two aileron servos and plug it into channel 1 ? Then, plug the elevator servo lead into channel 2 , throttle in channel 3. That's how many work. Might have to experiment with reversing. Have the wires going the correct way? Usually the light colored wire orientated inwards.

The Spektrum- like way would be: bind / throttle/ aileron/ elevator. Hopefully, someone here that knows the Devo can chime in.

Godspeed Man,


CBUTLER1 01-22-2014 06:53 PM

The radio is set to airplane and I set up a new model. The servo's operate fully one direction and only partially the other. I have wing type set to normal. I have travel set to 100% both up and down. No DR or Expo no subtrims. There are 100 other settings that I do not understand nor is the manual very good at explaining. I was just hoping somebody out there was using this radio for planes.

I want to get a Spectrem 6 just as soon as I can come up with the money for a radio and receiver.

CBUTLER1 01-22-2014 07:12 PM

I am sorry I even mentioned the LC. Please call me Charlie. I am in remission right now and have had a lot of joy fooling with this plane Takes your mind off things. The plane has turned out great! It is a full 3D version and if I can figure out this radio, it will be great.
I have tested the operation of my servo's with my tester and they have full function so I know it is in the radio settings.

fhhuber 01-22-2014 07:56 PM

It really sounds like you are at a point where in-person assist will be the best way to go.

An experienced fixed wing modeler can probably figure it all out in under 5 minutes by examining the radio and aircraft, even if not familiar with that radio.

Mivins 01-22-2014 07:56 PM

Servo travel
Charlie: You might try reversing the suspect channel just to see if the transmitter is holding back the desired travel. I suspect that there is an undesired mixed channel setting at fault. I say this, because I had a similar demon with a transmitter I picked up at a flea market to use for a simulator. Turned out that the elevator was mixed with the flaps and interference with travel was apparent.

I suggest if the reverse shows the limit to go the other way, that you go through all the possible mixes and nix them. Let me know how this plays out.

I found a manual that might be of some help:


cc83 01-22-2014 08:12 PM

where about do you live? I'm sure someone could meet up with you and figure it out

cyclops2 01-23-2014 12:44 AM

Can you pick a model #.... NOT in use ? Then do a DEFAULT or RESET of factory settings for a airplane in that model #.

The one way directions should all disappear except for throttle channel.


CBUTLER1 01-23-2014 03:35 PM

I solved my problem yesterday afternoon. I bought me a DX6i. I think this will be all I ever need for what I am doing. thanks for the help.. CB

dahawk 01-23-2014 04:00 PM

Way to go Charlie !

Hope you have a blast flying your F-22. I've made 3 of them in the past and they were my favorites

Brian VT 01-23-2014 07:49 PM


Originally Posted by CBUTLER1 (Post 937843)
The servo's operate fully one direction and only partially the other.

Maybe a sub-trim or differential setting is affecting travel ?

fhhuber 01-23-2014 07:55 PM

Gonna be something simple....

Having in-person help would also have an experienced fixed wing flyer to do the test/trim flight. Then you won't be fighting an out of trim plane while learning to fly fixed wing.

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