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hayofstacks 01-27-2014 06:28 AM

imax b6 50 watt power supply
when my dad bought his first slow stick, it came with a converted pc power supply to power the dc charger for his nicads. it had a power pole connector on the charger which we just stuck some alligator clips to our charger. well, my dad has gotten his second rep rap going now and wanted "his" power supply back, so I had to come up with a new one.

just for fun I was browsing specs on chargers online when I realized my charger is rated for 11-18v's input. I realized I have quite a few old laptop power supplies and decided to go through them to see if I could come up with a 50-75watt brick to make an adapter and charge with. found an old ibm brick rated at 16v's and 4.5 amps.

brought it out to my soldering station thinking I would have to make a plug or adapter and compared it to the alligator clipped one we have been using, and it looks identical. plugged it in on a dead 3 cell, and its charging at 4.2 amps supplying proper voltage.

now I have a charging lead I can bring with me to the field if I ever decide to fly more then a couple batteries I can clip right to my car battery without messing with anything else. and, it was free. I happen to have 7 identical power bricks for laptops that have been discarded.


JetPlaneFlyer 01-27-2014 12:26 PM

That should do the job nicely. If the supply is rated at 4.5A and 16V then that's 72 watts, which is enough for a 50W charger, even after efficiency losses are factored in.

By the way, You arent stuck to 4.5 A just because the power supply is 4.5A. If charging a 2s battery you could happily go to the 6A limit of the charger. Higher cell batteries are limited by the 50W charger limit, which means about 4A on 3s and 3A on 4s

That's the clever thing with these switching type regulators, current out can exceed current in, it's watts that is the constraint.

hayofstacks 01-27-2014 06:26 PM

yup. right now I am only flying with 3 cell batteries. I have been drooling over a imax ac quattro charger. I'm stuck between that and making a wooden slab to attach 4 chargers to. this way if one burns out, I wouldn't be without a charger. I could also get another pc power supply if I wanted to run all four of them quite easily.

but for now, this setup will do. I've had this charger for over two years and hasn't let me down yet.

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