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deadair 01-29-2014 08:27 PM

radian flyers
have lurked around this site for some time, have learned a lot, still a lot to learn.

Have PZ Radian, waiting for warmer weather to fly. Just saw the new products listed, anyone else see the news of a baby Radian...out of the box...one peice wing...28.7 inch....single cell lipo...coming in may

xmech2k 01-30-2014 01:39 AM

Welcome to WF, deadair!

Just saw someone posted about the UMX Radian. Interesting to hear how it performs. I participate in some LMR just-for-fun contests, and the Radian is the most popular plane. Such a great flyer!

PRNDL 02-01-2014 07:23 PM

I have a Radian, a Radian Pro and I pre-ordered the UMX Radian. It comes with the AS3X stability system so it should be a fun flyer.

I fly the large scale Radians at my club field but this one I'll fly at the park field and hopefully out of my backyard depending on the space needed to land. ;)

AEAJR 02-12-2014 04:53 AM

Have been flying the Radian for years along with a fleet of gliders. Let me know if I can help you.

deadair 02-12-2014 05:03 PM

thanks Aeajr....am getting back into the hobby after a time out from career obligations....in other words working seven days a week does not allow a lot of flying time....I still have three Spirit sailplanes left over from my early days of flying....the 100...a stock 2m...and a 2m that I modded quite a bit. My days of electric flight...outrunners were just a dream....remember those 500/600 cans that came with the likes of the Electra....Mirage....Spectra...Electricub...and those nicad lead bricks they called batteries...from the car side of the hobby...still have Futaba AM relics...even a couple of the original..recievers from Futaba with the integrated esc....state of the art ...in the early 90s....now with 2.4...outrunners/lipos...things sure are exciting...and the learning curve for the combinations...can lead to a lot of reading/edjumacatin....I have read your articles about.."Everything you want to know about electric powered flight"...many times....the muddy water is starting to clear a bit....thanks for you offer for help....I appriciate the help...deadair

Wildflyer 02-12-2014 05:59 PM

Welcome deadair

One of the clubs in my area is very active in ALES competition. In the first year, the man that held the #1 spot in the country was one of our members.
He was flying a Radian, but he had painted his plane, which resulted in a small change in CG toward the rear. Other people tried a little tail weight and it seems the plane will soar better, with the change in CG.

I'm sorry I don't know how far the CG moved but I think it was about 1/4".
Try little changes until you get it right. Moving the CG back also makes the plane more sensitive to controls.

AEAJR 02-12-2014 06:00 PM

I have a Spirit that has been flown with a Power pod, speed 600 that mounts on the rubber bands so you can remove it. Used a 16 ounce NiCd 2100 mah pack. Soared like a brick but I flew it a lot with hi-start. Change over to Lipo was a huge improvement as I dropped 9 ounces, but I like it better as a pure glider.

deadair 02-12-2014 07:20 PM

my second spirit 2m...I took time to correct some short comings of the kit...with no intention of competition...I did not trim the spars as per instructions...gained a few inches of wingspan....moved everything forward...cut down ballast needed to balance cg...sheeted the top wing surface....cut and rounded the square edges of the fuselage........tried to clean it up a bit....turned into a real nice floater...comparable to the gentle lady...another sailplane I had built....but its wing failed on a rather steep climbout on the highstart...

deadair 02-12-2014 07:25 PM

now with springtime on my mind...I intend to strip down the stock spirit 2m...gut it out...do the leading edge only sheet to the poly...looking at the options for an outrunner in the 450 range....looking at options at "headsup rc"...see if I can get this old bird to fly again..

AEAJR 02-12-2014 07:39 PM

Sound great. Good luck with that.

And, now, back to our regularly scheduled Radian discussion.

Have I mentioned that LOVE this e-glider?

Panther 02-13-2014 08:42 AM

Been flying mine off and on for 18 months now and only just stiffened the fuse and vertical fin with carbon rods. Made a big difference to flight behaviour.
I also fitted brakes a while back and they work fabulous. Needed them to get out of a thermal a couple of days ago. I was starting to lose it. I have them coupled to elevator when deployed and it is amazing how they calm the Radian in really turbulent air. It is a great fun glider.

xmech2k 03-09-2014 09:16 PM

Now I know what you mean, Panther, about getting out of a thermal. We had our club's LMR contest yesterday and in the final round I caught one that just kept going and going! It was unbelievable! I've never had a plane that far or high. Since each round is limited to 10 minutes, and because it was kinda scary, I dove down to a lower altitude 3 times during that single round. Unfortunately I lost the thermal at that point and was only able to get a little over 8 minutes that round.

Amazing though. I'll never forget how tiny my Radian looked up there!

AEAJR 04-07-2014 08:38 PM

yesterday was the first day I was able to fly since New Year's day. On that day I had my Radian out after some repairs from a crash. That was it for 2014.
Weather on Long Island, NY has been to bad this winter I could not fly at all. :(

yesterday was a beautiful day. Got my big glides out on the winch and we had 11 people for a TD contest. Had a great time.

Winch launching

Then I pulled out the new electric fuselage for my Supra sailplane and maidened that.
Mine is white with black tips, but similar to these one

THEN I pulled out the Radian (remember this is a Radian thread) and put that up. I fly this for fun and for competitions so did some changes to the prop and the battery.

Radian now has an 11X8 Graupner prop and a 30C 1300 mah lipo to handle the higher current load on the battery.

I fly this in ALES contests. That is Altitude Limited Electric Soaring contests.

The goal is to climb to 200 meters, 650 feet, in 30 seconds or less to be at the same launch height as all the other pilots. A device in the plane powers the motor off at 200 meters or 30 seconds. Now you are a thermal glider looking for lift. 10 minute task, then landing points at the end. Tons of fun!

With the new prop and battery I am now hitting 200 meters in 22 seconds.

The stock prop and battery only reaches 170 meters in 30 seconds. If you are not flying contests, that is just fine. No need to climb any faster. But the motor and ESC can take a higher load for short bursts. If you go for a bigger prop the battery has to be replaced as the stock battery can't handle the load.

oldnrinkled 05-09-2014 08:56 PM

You Tube
There is an excellent short video on the Radian, It seems the angle of incidence between the wing and horizontal stab needs to be modified from the original settings. I am confident the person making the video is correct in his analysis. Its a simple mod but the performance makes it a new sailplane. As I remember the Aquila this new setup makes it fly more like it. The Aquila was a rudder, elevator sailplane and won the hearts of many sailplaners. I built 12 of them myself.

AEAJR 06-15-2014 12:06 AM

Love this grab and go e-glider. :) I only had 2 hours to fly so I grabbed the Radian box and headed for the field.

Over the next 90 minutes I went through 2 batteries. Didn't find any thermal lift but I found some good wave lift in the 10+ mph breeze.

So much fun for so little money. :D

xmech2k 06-15-2014 12:25 AM

What a coincidence you posted today. Our club had our monthly lmr contest today. Man, it was gusty down low! Get high enough and we found either a thermal or it might have been a kind of ridge lift I guess from a nearby road that's kind of elevated. (I'm no expert when it comes to gliding!) The weird part was when I started getting low and you could kind of work the gusts and keep her going for a lot longer than expected. I'd be coming in to land, maybe only at 6', when suddenly there's a gust that shoots her back up to 25', off for a few more circles! Like you said, a great plane at a relatively small price.

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