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teammuir1 02-19-2014 07:26 PM

Best Prop style ????
I have a Great Planes Hot liner. and I installed the folding prop
imo for landing purposes.

I have now Purchased the RIFLE and I would like to some feed back
should I use the folding prop or not ?

whats the Pros and Cons on this plane its much smaller and prolly faster
meaning I have hopped up my Hot Liner its not STOCK lol

But I degress... whats the best style of prop I should use?
and I purchased the E flite 6 series 2700 kv motor for the Rifle

fhhuber 02-19-2014 09:45 PM

Folders are not as good for high speed models because they are weaker. Applying the power to get the desired speed can pop a blade out of the hub with APC style or break the bolts holding other types in.

Also the folder pitch and dia stamped on the blades is only correct if you use the size hub it was made for. The assorted hub sizes are a convenience but they reduce the prop efficiency when you get the wider or narrower hub...

The main advantage of a folding prop is reduced drag during glide. To get maximum advantage you need to turn the ESC's brake mode on. Most ship with the brake mode off.
The brake mode shorts a winding to produce a strong resistance to the motor rotating. That slows the prop to near stopped then it folds and the wind can't make it keep turning.

The Rifle will be best off (for top speed) with an APC E series non-folding prop with pitch about equal to diameter. Which size will depend on which motor. I'm not familiar with your motor.

mclarkson 02-19-2014 10:13 PM

E-Flite recommends 5x4 to 6x5.5.


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