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quorneng 03-06-2014 05:06 PM

Some old planes never die!
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Way back in 2008 I bought a Wing Dragon 4 with a brushed motor and 9.6V NiMh.
Through a many iterations it is still flying - well at least the fuselage and tail boom are, everything else is different!

It is now a simple 'fun' flyer but a little bit more sophisticated than it might look.
Attachment 173905
The 44" Depron wing is made up from the outer panels from a 2.1m glider. It has an Eppler 195 wing section.
The primary object of the V tail (also Depron) is to keep the tail plane clear of the rough ground although it also keeps it clear of the direct prop wash to improve the aerodynamic efficiency a touch.
Flown as a 'bank and yank' the single elevator servo is built into the LH tailplane and works both surfaces with a single link rod.
Attachment 173907
It relies on the sideways flexibility of the elevator horns to maintain the geometry!
The motor (Emax 2812 1500kV - very cheap!) is closely cowled with a hollow spinner, drives a 7x6 and draws 15A giving 178W.
Attachment 173906
The fuselage houses the radio, 30A ESC and a 1500mAh 3s.
Nothing unusual so far but at 15.25oz all up its thrust exceeds its weight by quite a margin yet it requires no more than 10C from the battery to do it.
Simple, reliable and tough it is great fun to fly with a substantial endurance. Find a decent thermal and those ex glider wings work well too.

My motto - never throw anything away!

thepiper92 03-06-2014 06:45 PM

Nice looking plane, I've always had an interest in how they fly. How is elevator control?

quorneng 03-06-2014 09:07 PM

The elevator control is no problem.
The only video I have at the moment is an 'on board' with a Key Fob cam.

The camera mounting vibrated a bit but it does give an idea of its performance. For some reason the ESC refused to set the brake so the wind milling prop reduced the glide performance a bit but it still managed a power off loop.
This flight used about 1/2 the batteries capacity.

solentlife 03-07-2014 02:26 AM

Frankenstein planes ....

I have never binned a model yet.

My old Solent Saiplanes Ridge Recruit supplied its wings for modification for my Mig 17 ... You read correct. A slope soarer wing was chopped and swept back to provide wing for my Bosak Mig 17.

My Lanyu ME109 provided tail and wing for a part DIY Me109 ...

The list goes on ...

Just because original is one plane - doesn't mean that parts cannot be modified for another. The foam jobs we have now are marvellous for this.

In UK - we had sweet stores (candy in USA) ... that bins of sweets were open and you created your own "Pick & Mix" bag of sweets .. the same can be applied here !!


Chucksolo69 03-07-2014 02:45 AM

I have a flying buddy who has, what he calls, his Stickson. It is basically a Slow Stick fuselage with Parkzone Stinson wings and Eflight Mini Pulse tail feathers. It flies pretty nicely too.

solentlife 03-07-2014 03:11 AM

Recycling models is my game ... as many know.

I just don't understand why models are binned when so much can be re-used or even put back together again.

Todays foam jobs are easier to put back together and make fly - but harder to get cosmetically good after repairs. Traditional construction may appear harder to repair - but in fact is just a jigsaw puzzle and usually repairs are hardly noticeable - better cosmetically than foam ..

But I'm old school ... maybe that's why ?


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