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propnut48 04-01-2014 01:09 AM

HP Waco Bipe
Got the HP Waco Bipe and went flying on Sunday. It is very light and lifted off fast. Flew it around a bit to orient myself and trim it out. Only problem I encountered was when I tried to loop it for the first time. All of the mounts on the top wing pulled off the N struts and went in of course. Split the nose, broke the motor mount and broke the bottom wing. Up until then it was a really great flyer. I to took it into surgery and had it repaired in about 2 hrs. No real unrepairable damage. Mostly cosmetic and a prop of course. The struts came off very clean and saw there was just a dab of some kind of glue holding them on. Not sure what kind it was though, silicone, hot glue, ETC. Will try again next sat. unless its raining. Wonder if anyone else has had the same experience with this plane.

pizzano 04-01-2014 04:31 PM

I don't own a Hobby People Waco......took a real hard look at (opened a box at the LHS) awhile back when shopping for an additional bipe......

I own three similar bipe's....the GWS Tiger Moth (ARF Kit), PZ Albatros (PNP) and a E-flight Ultimate, not really in the same catagory, (used, still painting and tinkering with)......

My main concerns with the bipe's were structural integrety, ease of battery connection - C/G location and durability whether scale flying or tossing around in a sport mode.......particularly the wing strut design and support confiquration........the HP Waco appeared to look very suscetible to wing flex and need for additional bracing and custom fixes at each of its strut connection points on the wings...(having built and flown a GWS Tiger Moth, I was aware of the possible "weak" link at those locations due to stress those areas take during flight)......that is why I opted out on the Waco.

Had I purchased, I could have easily reinforced the connections, but that would do nothing to strengthen the wing flex, which meant adding additional wires or support lines, which over time, could become an issue, need additional maintenace and change the scale look of the plane.

I guess, a good rule of thumb is to always "beef-up" the main structural support areas and not rely on the manufactures "hope" the design will withstand the various "abuses" the model may experience.

propnut48 04-02-2014 05:01 AM

One of my biggest peeves is the battery access. Nill, as in can not get a battery in that tiny hole. Had to install one before installing the lower wing. I also added some strapping tape to the bottom of the wing. It flew fine till the wind went to about 25-30mph. This plane is a 10mph max wind plane as it is VERY LIGHT. The only thing I changed from stock was the motor which was a 900kv motor. I installed a 1520kv as the 900kv wouldn't even allow it to even get off the ground on the first maiden 2 weeks before. Also has a 2200/30C batt now too. It was cheap, $99.00. Will try again this weekend.

propnut48 04-05-2014 05:41 PM

It's gone to that big grass field in the trashcan. Was flying Ok for about 5 mins then all of a sudden there was no control. Had throttle but no surfaces. Oh well, on to another project. Wasn't fun while it lasted. NO MORE H/P planes for me.

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