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garyp1029 04-01-2014 05:18 PM

Parkzone's S.E. 5a and Albatros
I am considering one of these two and would appreciate comments as to the flying characteristics of each. The Albatros has a 5.4" greater wingspan and is 2.8 ozs heavier. Has anyone flown both? If so, what are the differences, if any? Thanks. Gary

fhhuber 04-01-2014 08:12 PM

They are both going to handle like typical WWI warbird biplanes...

A bit tricky on the ground due to being top-heavy with relatively narrow landing gear, taildragger with significant nose-up attitude when you first start moving and skid instead of tailwheel.
All of these contribute to a need for experience with better behaved taildraggers first.

True to scale they'd be somewhat unstable, requiring constant attention and rarely allowing hands off flying. The commonly increased dihedral of ARFs reduces this.

If the CG is wrong you'll have a very poor flying airplane. If the CG is right they can be fairly pleasant to fly... if you understand the basic tendencies of WWI fighters.

I have the full set of Electrifly apx 28 to 32 inch span WWI fighters. No surprises at all for me.
I would not expect any real differences in flight performance from the Parkzone models.

pizzano 04-01-2014 08:13 PM

Try these links:




A new PZ Albatros may be hard to come by if purchasing from Horizon Hobby.

The PZ Albatros is not as unstable as say a 30" to 36" wing span bipe.....it is heavier and at a 40" top wing span, fairly stable in breezy conditions.....set-up as stock spec'd with a 2100 or 2200mah 3s, C/G is dead on.....once flight trimmed, hands off flying (a term used for stability) quite possible and very predictable.......the threads above will give you an indication just how great it flies (even with a mod - wooden prop)....;)

SUPERSPORT 07-25-2014 12:05 PM


Originally Posted by fhhuber (Post 944277)
I have the full set of Electrifly apx 28 to 32 inch span WWI fighters.

I'd like to see a picture of those.

mclarkson 07-25-2014 11:03 PM

I only own the SE5 but it's my understanding that most people find it a slightly better flier than the Alby.

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