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mclarkson 04-19-2014 11:12 AM

Notable Firsts
I have no idea how typical my experience is, but it's occurred to me that nearly every RC aircraft I've bought or built has represented some kind of first. Maybe it's indicative of my low threshold for boredom, but it seems like every plane is different from the plane before it. Look at my first four planes:
  1. HobbyZone Mini Super Cub
  2. Parkzone Radian
  3. GWS Tiger Moth 400
  4. Parkzone Stryker
That's a high-wing trainer, a 2-meter glider, an ARF biplane and a high-speed delta/wing. This is a (in no way complete) list of various planes and helis that have represented firsts for me over the past three years:
  • Mini Super Cub – My first-ever RC plane. First ever aerial camera platform
  • Radian – My first Glider, it also came with my first computer radio – a DX5
  • GWS Tiger Moth 400 – My first ARF build, and my first biplane. It has my first-ever mod: stronger landing gear.
  • Stryker – My first fast plane. My first delta/wing-type plane and my first experience with elevons
  • Night Vapor – My first Ultra-micro, and my first night flyer
  • UM J3 Cub – My first ‘Normal' ultra micro
  • UM T-28 Trojan – My first ultra-micro w/ailerons
  • Zombee – The first time I replaced a brushed motor system (Mini Super Cub)
  • David – My first flying wing, my first Kline-Fogelman wing, and my first experience putting together a power system
  • Tower Hobbies P-51 – My first warbird
  • Light Stryker – My first outside night flyer and one of my all-time favorite planes
  • Micro Moth – My first complete scratch build
  • Phoenix Wing – My first plane from a re-purposed airframe. I created a flying wing from the remains of a wrecked Stryker. Also my first gyro-stabilized plane
  • Pico Tiger Moth – My first use of fiberglass, and my first design for a landing gear mod
  • Sopwith Triplane – My first attempt at building a triplane
  • SnowDragon (Draco) – My first build using Coroplast
  • HK Bf 109 Funfighter – My first plane capable of 90MPH+ speeds
  • Frankenstick – My first ‘Frankenplane’ built from a little bit of everything.
  • Hard Candy (Stryker) – My first plane with a heavily modified power system
  • UM Mosquito – My first multi-engine
  • FunBats – My first ever matching planes (built for combat)
  • Nico F-22 – My first profile plane, and the first made from Depron
  • Dabbling Teal – My first original design
  • GWS Slow Stick – My first aileron mod on a 3-channel plane
  • Blu-Baby – My first shared/teaching build, with my niece
  • Arlene Turner Memorial Moth – My first attempt to improve upon a previous build of the same model
  • JAS-39 Gripon – My first EDF jet
  • Antonov An-2 – My first build with flaps
  • Dynam Gee Bee Sportster – My first 4-cell plane
  • Crack Turbo Beaver – After all this time, my first 3D plane. Also my first EPP plane.
  • RG FlyGuy – My first flying person/character
  • Blade mCX2 – My first Heli
  • Blade mSR – My first single-rotor heli
  • Blade mQX – My first quad
  • Blade 350QX – My first full-sized (GoPro capable) quad

At some point, I'll no doubt be adding 'first balsa kit.'

RobinA 04-19-2014 01:06 PM

Build a balsa plane,they are the addiction !!!


solentlife 04-19-2014 01:07 PM

It's a club ... that near all belong to.

Maybe it's complacency with present model ... boredom ... but you see a different style / type and bingo - it's on your bench.

Blimey - if you look at my hangar - you can just about see the history of flight in the styles ... from WW1 through to hairy todays Jets ...

Jeez - I've even succumbed to Quad !!

If anyone asks me what is favourite - it really depends on weather that day and what I'm flying ... what mood I'm in ... what was my last crash ... it changes day by day !


mclarkson 04-19-2014 09:22 PM

I hear ya! I didn't even list all my planes - just the ones that seemed to be notable firsts of some sort. I've seen guys who really fall in love with a particular type of plane and have a bunch of them in the hanger. Me ... it seems like most every plane is different (if you don't count all my Tiger Moths. :))


Originally Posted by RobinA (Post 945884)
Build a balsa plane,they are the addiction !!!


I've been averaging something like a plane a month for three years. I think it's already an addiction! :D

pizzano 04-19-2014 10:16 PM

That's an impressive ensemble of foam there Mark.....!.......Now I know why the great advice I've recieved from you has character and flair.

Honestly, I can say every plane and multi-rotor I own now is a first for me as well...(not counting the 1/2 dozen GWS Slow Sticks and Pipers I've built)....but that's only because of my recent liquidation of all CCP's, Fixed Pitch heli's and other craft that have lost there favor.....down to four quality planes and two quads. Each are firsts and quite different aerodynamically and in size. And all can be flown (and are set-up) to fly docile or like bats-out-of-hell.......:D....my next one will be either a Blade 350QX or Phantom 1 (v.2).....was gonna get another Bipe, but what I have covers the flying spectrum in that catagory now.....:rolleyes:

Wrongway-Feldman 04-20-2014 03:00 AM

Mine are not all firsts.
Some where lasts. Not because I didn't like them but because I go through phases in what I like.
When I got back into this I started with my first micro, the champ. Followed by my last micros, the um T28 and mosquito. Always to windy to fly them so they were my last micros.
Then my first park size the pz t28, my first twin a 55" dynam c47, and first edf a dynamic a10.
Then it was all warbirds. Then pattern planes. Now its scratch built everything.
I'm sure that by next summer I'll be hooked on something else. I do have a 450 size quad arriving this week so maybe it'll be fpv.

solentlife 04-20-2014 07:55 AM

I'm sure there's a model or two missing from my list ... but here goes :

My current ready to go hangar that I can remember without being at home !! :

Skyartec Cessna 182
Cessna 172
Cessna Skylane (1600mm)
HK Parkjet single motor
Hk Parkjet twin motor
EP Ultimate Biplane
64mm T45
50mm T45
Pusher 50mm T45
70mm F16
70mm Twister
F16 pusher
ME109 profile
ME109 scratch
FW190 scratch
J3 Cub
3D (Wood)
Accipiter Badius pattern
Qbee 10
Mig 3
Skymaster Glow 61 Biplane
B one wing
Edge 540 racer
Bumblebee FPP Heli
Syma Co-Ax Heli
WL V911 Heli
Wl V959 Quad

and various in stages of build .....

Addiction ?

When I lived in UK - the Insurance Co. refused to cover my models under House Contents as usually is case. They required separate cover due the large inventory / hangar I had ... which exceeded over 10,000 UK Pounds in value.....


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