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solentlife 04-28-2014 08:33 AM

V959 Quad camera and control board
Now I have like many others a V959 camera equipped quad .. the control board allows on / off of video function and also single shot pics.

Has anyone taken a board and fitted to another model as an additional function .. I appreciate that the control has not been replicated on another TX such as 9x yet.
Can the part of board in Tx be isolated to be fitted to another Tx such as 9x ?

The other question - is what actual camera is it .. it does not act, look like or function like my other cameras .. MD80, Keychain etc. It has similar CMOS of course ... but it does not have the usual date stamp etc. It also has a swivel head to alter view direction.



solentlife 04-28-2014 09:49 AM

In fact ... can the camera used on the V959 be adapted to operate away from the 959 board .. and switched on / off via Rx switch ?

It is a more handy and better operator than the Keycam and the MD80 ... I accept it is not HD ... but its swivel lens and lack of date-stamp alone makes it attractive.

It is also available as a separate sales item on banggood


pizzano 04-29-2014 06:51 AM

I've looked around and asked a couple of "nerds" about this.....seems you may be on your own on this one Nigel.....not many dwell in this arena.....give it a go...be the first on the island to discover!

solentlife 04-29-2014 09:02 PM

My reasoning on this :

The V959 Tx has button to start vid .. button to take photo.

The camera has a 4 wire .. without it in front if me I think its 4 ...


Looks like it anyway ..


So 2 must be power .. other 2 must be vid and photo signal wires for command stop start.

The cam is powered by the model .. 1S lipo .. so a 3.3v supply taken of the balance lead of a flight pack .. via a Rx controlled switch maybe .. that then makes or breaks power .. we then need to initiate the camera...

Surely it cannot be too hard ?


solentlife 04-30-2014 04:10 PM

Just found this by digging into Banggood forum :


If one of the two buttons he mentions does not start the video, I can tell you how to make a tiny, easy mod to give you video from regardless of Tx.
The camera will start recording when there is a 250ms short from the yellow wire to ground.
You could use a small micro switch like one of these...


Solder it between the yellow wire and the ground wire(black).
When you press it the camera will start recording and when you press it again, it will stop no matter what transmitter you are using.
You could also swap the yellow and white wires at the connector, and then you could use the still-photo button to start/stop recording.
Although it is a neat feature, the still-photo function is not practical...the quad has to be absolutely still or there is huge tearing and artifacts in the images it takes, so you really wouldn't be losing anything, and you could use your transmitter to start/stop video.
Magic !!


solentlife 05-05-2014 11:20 AM

Having the above info ... this is good as a simple Rx controlled switch .. HK and others do them for peanuts .. we should be able to use one of the switches on a 9xr or similar to activate the camera functions.

With any model that is without retracts - the obvious choice is the Gear switch.
For Still vs Vid .. then an interlock of 3 position switch with gear could give that ...

I'm really pleased that a workable solution appears to be found. The 959 camera and mount runs out at $21 a throw ... not too bad ..
There maybe other sources but at present its the only one so far.

I'm fully aware that there are many other possibilities but I am trying to achieve a budget solution, easily sorted for the average Joe who just wants to vid a few on-board jobs ...
There's no need to spend out on Go-Pro !!


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