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garyp1029 05-03-2014 04:56 AM

Dynam Waco vs Tiger Moth
A question for those who have flown both----How do the flying characteristics compare? Landing characteristics? Which one would be the better first biplane? Thanks. Gary

pizzano 05-03-2014 04:14 PM

I own a GWS Tiger Moth 400 and have flown the Dynam YMF 5D Waco.
The GWS is smaller (38" ws), lighter (24oz), kit build that you can install several power sources and mods......it's also a swept-back bipe.

The Dynam Waco is obviously much larger (55oz, 50"ws)......and not a swept-back bipe.

Based on the spec's of both Dynam's......they appear very similar in weight, wing span, length, motor size, prop size, battery size ect......

Having flown both swept-back and straight wing surfaces, the only difference I have found in performance is the roll-rate, invert stability and aileron response. This is due to the Waco having dual and shorter aileron surfaces. Where as, the Tiger Moth ailerons are longer and bottom wing mounted.....not quite as much authority and response, but still very nimble.

Either of your choices can be flown tame or radical and have very stable glide characteristics (good for slower landing and approaches).......the wheel pants on the Waco will be an issue in grass!

Personally, I like both planes, as far as bipes go,.......just depends on what your expectations will be as you get further along with your pilot skills....;)

fhhuber 05-04-2014 02:04 AM

The flight characteristics of a Tiger Moth will be more forgiving than the Waco. The Waco will be more aerobatic.

Sweepback helps with tracking and general stability. Tiger Moth has it and Waco does not.

In general I would recommend the Tiger moth for the person looking for a mor trainer-like model and the Waco for someone looking for better performance knowing the plane will need somewhat more flying skill.

The Dynam series these come from I'd expect the difference to be less than with other brands.
I have the Dynam Tiger Moth (because I really like Tiger Moths) and others from this series, but not the Waco.

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