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Don Sims 06-06-2014 10:51 AM

Getting On
The family wheeled Grandma out on to the lawn, in her wheelchair, where everyone came to celebrate her 100th birthday. Grandma couldn't speak very well, but she would write notes when she needed to communicate.

After a short time out on the lawn, Grandma started leaning off to the right, so some family members grabbed her, straightened her up, and stuffed pillows on her right side. A few minutes later, she started leaning off to her left, so again the family grabbed her and stuffed pillows on her left side….

Soon she started leaning forward, so the family members again grabbed her, and then tied a pillowcase around her waist to hold her up.

A nephew who arrived late came up to Grandma and said…. `Hi Grandma, you`re looking good! How are they treating you?`

Grandma took out her little notepad and slowly wrote a note to the nephew:

'Jerks won`t let me fart!`

solentlife 06-06-2014 11:57 AM

Family take Grandad to the old folks home to rest out his last days .... he's had over 90 years and things are just slowing down and family need some respite from the work of caring ...

They visit him regularly and after a few weeks they ask the staff how he is with them ...

The Doctor chats and says that they have no trouble and especially since they started prescribing Viagra ...

WHAT ??? HE'S 90 YEARS OLD ... what the hell does he need Viagra for ??

Doctors reply :

Well we give him Viagra in the evening and it stops him rolling out of bed !


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