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pizzano 06-14-2014 04:16 PM

Blade 200QX BNF
I had a chance to fly the 200QX Thursday at the LHS.....It was their demo model. They were out of stock on a new one, so I ordered from Horizon yesturday (should say the kids and Mom ordered it for Father's Day).......

It should be here this Wednesday.

I'll post a "what I think of it" here soon as I have time.....although, I will say, the test flight was fun and it flies with more authority, speed and potential than the my Nano QX.....plan on attaching one of my little security cube cameras to it once I get it all dialed in........just for sht's & grins.........:D

pizzano 06-18-2014 06:57 PM

Well, here's the "what I think of it"........Arrived yesturday morning. Set-up the TX (DX6i) while charging the battery last night......pretty simple TX set-up, came with an addendum chart including camera settings (their's) and additional TX's settings.

Took it out earlier in a little breeze......as advertised, it's got loads of power (only flew on two settings, stability low and stability high) no doubt the agility mode will fly much like a CCP heli since the stability aspect is shut off in that mode....the DR/EXPO rate TX settings can also be adjusted as with any of the factory suggested TX settings.....if one cares to.

It's constructed quite well, battery compartment may be big enough to stuff a simular sized (width/girth) 900 to 1000mAh 7.4v....since the 800mAh does not give much run time.....two flights averaged 5.5mins ea., not much time and setting the default battery power alarms to the lower voltage warnings is out of the question.......since it's sensor can not be reprogrammed. LED flash warnings start at 7.1v, 7.0v, 6.9v and shuts down completely at 6.2v.......I tested it......the manual is dead on!

It weighs in at 6.7oz flight ready, even with the available power, attaching a camera (other than their's at .6oz's and $50.00) that weighs more than +2oz's will no doubt reduce the flight times even more (this is the only negitive aspect I found).....after all, it is what it is.....the little brother to the 350QX......!

Over-all, considering the lack of run time and no GPS (RTH) feature, I'd say it's a little over priced..........other than that (I have no buyers remorse).........the 200QX would be a good choice for the person who wants quality, durability, desires a great quad learning tool (or enjoys the new fad of quad racing), Spektrum friendly, indoor/outdoor Quad.....;)

My follow-up post will include a vid.....with the little cube camera attached.....it only cost $35.00 and vid quality has been amassing so far when attached to my planks......we'll see!


pizzano 06-19-2014 05:35 PM

Power Engaging Tip
Here's a little tip for those who are interested in the 200 QX......

The manual states that once you have properly programed the TX, performed bind and are ready to take flight........after the TX is turned on and battery connected........"you must move both sticks from center to lowest bottom inside corners, then back to center" in order to get the props engaged and in an idle.....!

This had me stumped for awhile.......was only able to get the first flight off by accident, the next few attempts failed to engage props.
So I gave Horizon a call....they returned my call within a hour.....and we went through the process live.....the tech was walking me through several attempts with his 200 QX and DX6i...same as myself.

Finally, we figured out that on my model (and evidently a few others) the throttle trim tab must be one or two clicks above center prior to moving the sticks.......and both sticks do not need to be moved to the inside corners.
On my model, once the throttle trim was advanced two clicks of center, I only needed to hold the throttle stick completly down and move it from left to right quickly two times.....and the props engaged into an idle......wha-laa..!

Have not had an issue since, now over 10 flights.......;)

Flew it at night outside......she's very visible at + 60' (approx. 10x's my stature) and orientation was not a problem...and I'm color blind red/green.......and near sighted..........:D........maybe if all those onboard, very bright LED's were less power consuming, I'd get 8min's of flight time (they cannot be turned off).........:rolleyes:

pizzano 06-27-2014 12:11 AM

Have not attached the cube camera on her yet......been windy and I still need to get a good grip of the three flight modes. Although, it seems the stability low mode will be the best for vid's since she's less likely to "jerk" around when changing flight position during a 30' to 40' hover....have yet to fly in any still conditions out of doors

Purchased (2) Tenergy 900mAh 25c 2s batteries. They fit perfect. Performed an indoor flight time test btw the E-Flight and Tenergy.......was able to hover the craft with E-Flite for 8min's.......the Tenergy gave me 9.5min's and seems to have a quicker thrust reponse. The Tenergy's only had only one charge on them......the E-Flite has now been fully charged and discharged 12 times.......my thinking is the Tenergy's will give a little more after they have been broken in....!

This little quad is the bomb......now if I can only get the weather to get some real out door flight time...!

Flubber 06-27-2014 03:46 PM

That quad sounds like a winner.

Your arming sequence is just like the 350. I tried the two stick method and it worked but only with the throttle trim up.

When I landed I tried it again to stop the motors (NAZA protocol) and promptly flipped it over. Only gripe with this quad is turning the motors off. If you land in RTH mode the motors will stop on their own but if you switch RTH off they will start again.
Please keep an eye on this as I had it spool up on the bench.

Have fun

pizzano 07-12-2014 08:16 PM

200QX Panoramic View
Finally got around to video recording with the 200QX.......

I used a $9.00 camera on this first try, did not want to waste time or damage my expensive cube serveillance camera on the first attempt.

There is 10min. of panoramic view.....first 1/2, camera is in full video mode. 2nd 1/2, camera is in auto still mode, rotated 180*.....had to bring the quad down to re-set camera modes. Both landings were poor (no damage) since the added weight caused bouncing and tipped over the quad.....need to practice this more now that I know the added weight (be it 2oz.) changes the hovering characteristics:


The vid quality isn't much to write home about, but the quad and vid are very stable in either high or low angle flights modes......no jello, just a bit jerky.........Now, onto attaching the better camera........should be pretty decent.....we'll see later on!

pizzano 07-15-2014 06:25 PM


Originally Posted by Flubber (Post 951580)
That quad sounds like a winner.

Your arming sequence is just like the 350. I tried the two stick method and it worked but only with the throttle trim up.

When I landed I tried it again to stop the motors (NAZA protocol) and promptly flipped it over. Only gripe with this quad is turning the motors off. If you land in RTH mode the motors will stop on their own but if you switch RTH off they will start again.
Please keep an eye on this as I had it spool up on the bench.

Have fun

Since I added weight with camera, landings have been an adventure....blades on this little guy continue to rotate during landing......I have been practicing slower decents and using the throttle cut at just touchdown distance..........the added weight on the skinny stock legs causes bounce...which cause tip-over........motors do shut off at the slightest contact with any thing that does not move......and the flashers and beeping alarms waste no time annoying me.....lol

As for any "mystery" spool-ups.......have not experienced any of that, no NAZA, GPS, RTH protocol on this one......when she's shut down, she's shut down completely.

Getting ready to vid with the "expensive" cube......lol, it's smaller and lighter.......playing with lens angles (only have two choices)....I'm in no hurry, want to get the best editing quality I can.....embarrassing to post what quality I can get, amoungst all the semi-pro stuff. Does the Blade 200QX no justice (my skills excluded)........:D

pizzano 01-22-2015 07:15 PM

A good flying buddy of mine just retired from his day job and took on a part-time technical support management position at one of our LHS.......He's doing it to keep active and happens to be a close friend of one of the franchise owners.......;)

Anyway, gave me a call last night to come over to the shop this morning and participate in the "before opening hours" demo and sales pitch by one of the E-Flite salesman.......related to Blade quad after-market hop-ups, parts packages and flight demo's.......the subjects were the Nano, 200QX and 350QX.

Long story short, I was most interested in the after-market props and performance for the 200QX. Evidently, Horizon Hobby and E-Flite have been toying with a selection of larger diameter blades that provide better stability for the stock chassis geared towards the growing popularity of obstacle racing and AP/AV with the 200QX and 350QX.

Currently, E-Flite offers sport and agility props for both the 200 & 350......same diameter as the stock props with higher pitch angles.......meant for those who are inclined to invert and desire increased pitch/yaw agility......but there have been many who have requested larger diameter much like what GemFan offers 5030, 5045.......I just purchased a couple of sets of GemFan 5030......should be here Saturday.

The sales rep brought out a stock and modified 200 & 300's......the stock models had larger props. the modified models had alot of changes to the chassis, motors and props. I flew the stock 200QX, 5030 set-up on a DX8 that was not tuned much.........Think I'm gonna like the 5030 GemFan's.......it was a little breezy out in the parking lot, but the 200 held a + 75' hover in low stability and high stability modes, rock solid. With much less stick input than with the 4" stock props.........great for better quality vids in the wind...!.....and they are still very zippy.

I gave a shot in agility mode (I don't invert), after poking by my buddy, with the 5030 type props....even though the sales-rep stated they are not sport props......he was right........the 200 was a handfull (it is even with the 4" sport props)......all went well....won't be considering bigger props for sport mode flying..........but the sales rep stated that they are considering offering a larger diameter sport prop in the future.

I hung around for about an hour and watched a couple of pro's toss around the modified 350QX like it was Nano......just amazing.

I'll post my flying experience with the 5030 GemFan's as soon as they get broke in.......:D

Should add......

The flight times on the 200QX with the 5030 type props and the stock 2s, 7.4v, 800mAh 20c, flying in low and high stability modes didn't vary much from what I generally get from stock 4" and sport props.....btw 7 & 8.5min.s in breezy conditions.....we'll see if that's the case with the GemFans....!

pizzano 01-24-2015 11:18 PM

Just installed and test flown GemFan 5030's (indoors), to windy to chance it, first go around.


Mostly hover and small quick agility moves....in low and high stability modes only. Ran through two battery packs......got about +8min on each. The 200 did not run any hotter than what has been normal (indoors)........a few at RCG stated their 200's ran hotter....who really knows how they were flown......lol

A few tips related to the GemFan's.......

They come in both normal and reversed (their terminology)......so I purchased black reverse and orange normal. They also come with three types of prop insert sleeves......I found the thinnest ones worked best with the stock lock washer....you will need another wider diameter, thin washer to mount below the lock and nut.......the lock washer will not seat because it's diameter is to small.

Also, the plastic prop sleeves really need to be glued (CA) into the prop shaft hole.......they will slip around and not bind into the shaft....no matter how tight you lock the nut, without CA.

Anyway, they fly much like what I (anticipated) and experienced at the LHS.........+vertical response is very quick....horizontal a tad-bit less responsive than the stock 4".

More info to come after I fly them-out-of-doors.........:D

pizzano 01-25-2015 08:16 PM

Got one full battery flight out doors with the GemFans....7.5mins.

Wind was picking up speed far faster than I was willing try another flight with the mini-cam........got to say though, the bigger blades really hold a solid hover at low and high altitudes in the 10 to 12mph conditions......the 200 still gets pushed around, but stick management is alot less stressful and more predictable....even with the DX6i rates tuned. No way these blades should be considered for aggressive sport or agility mode flight.......they are much thinner than the stock 4" and flex quite a bit when rotating through axis banking, making recovery much slower and a requiring a lot of throttle gain to maintain lift......did not have any (control board/motor) stability glitches as has been reported on RCG when pushing quad hard.....then again, it was windy and I was being cautious......like always.......;)

When weather conditions calm down, intend to strap on the mini cam and see how much of a difference the 5030's make....!

pizzano 02-01-2015 06:40 AM

Was able to get out tonight and do a little out door flying with the 5030's. Had the mini cam attached...first night flight with that palm size fish eye.....sorry no vid's to show. The two I flew did not shoot well enough to replay.....but the quad with 5030's and cam handled very well on this calm evening.......really not much different than without the cam.......which, holding a solid hover (cam attached) with the stock 4" props, is always a little dicey.......not at all with the 5030's.........I'll give it a day time shot when winds die down..........overall, very pleased with the performance of the 5030's.........may never go back to stock prop's.....:D

tobydogs 02-01-2015 07:08 PM

looks good and thanks for the updates on progress flying the 200. looks as much fun as the 350qx. can the 200 lift a go pro? or are you staying with smaller cameras.
i also have to change the stock 350qx blades to apc's for better performance. theres a guy on youtube who did a test of many different props on the blade and i have to find that video again. it may have been 9x4.7's that proved most efficient for power consumption and increased flight power.
i'm charging 3 batteries right now for the blade and hope to get a few vids before dark and the ball game. i hooked up the fpv for the first time yesterday and let my son wear the goggles as i flew around the back yard...great fun to share with him. next time he gets to take the remote.

pizzano 02-01-2015 07:36 PM


Both the GoPro's and AEE Magicam's we have are a bit to large to mount and fly (land) with the 200QX stock......weight is also an issue on power consumption.

There are after market CF frames, motors, props and landing gear that can transform the little Blade quad.......in order to mount and fly the 200QX with the larger mini cams......I have no intention of ever doing that.

Glad to hear that you are getting the 350QX AP/AV/FPV ready.....I believe I have mentioned previousy, I also own a 350QX.........but it's out of commission at the moment......lent it to a flying buddy and his mentor to GoPro FPV.......their third flight was a disaster.......had a major glitch with the Fatshark in the wind and at altitude....it came down out of harms way, but ended up in several pieces. Which we are still sorting through.....on their dime....:D

The APC props have gotten very good reviews for the 350QX....I believe the 9x5's (quad prop) are the most popular for AV/AP.....make sure you get the correct prop locks for her......a must have.

Look forward to your vids.......;)

tobydogs 02-02-2015 12:34 AM


i got a video flying the quad both with the on board gopro and a keychain camera on the hat visor. around the 7minute mark i switch to stability mode and climbed another 100ft over the smart modes max height. scary was i cut the throttle and she started back down then stopped descending.

she just hovered for a bit looking like it as thinking on it own. i switched back to smart mode and she came down to a rough landing. rough landing means into snow because the safety circle around lift off became enlarged off the walkway i launched from...lol:Q.

my second flight was the same thing of not reaching the walkway again ,but i walked over to it and hovered eye height and grabbed it out of the air by hand,cut throttle. put it in the car safe and sound.

i may do the settings on it where you point it north and roll it around and i also need to read up on the red double blinking with one green blinking light sequence. all in all great day flying in 42deg cloudy weather with fresh powder snow 6inch deep.


go seahawks![popcorn]

pizzano 02-02-2015 01:31 AM


Awesome.....recovery within "smart" mode does have it's limits....have no idea how the sensors reflect in snow......seems they worked quite well for you.

"may do the settings on it where you point it north and roll it around"

I had mine set-up to be compass rotated in safe or "smart" mode......once you idle sticks (no input), it took a moment for the decent and north rotation to stabilize...was a bit reluctant to use it at first, since I'm trained to have complete control at all times (CCP heli's).....but it worked fine at my latitude and departure. Just needed to have faith in it's abililty and be ready to regain command on landing decent.....still do not trust the RTH without my input....I do not fly FPV with that craft......everything is LOS and the sharp eye's of my spotter, (well, was until it came apart)......:D

One of the reasons I love the 200QX is because it still takes pilot input to control, through every aspect of flight....(hard to change old CCP habits).....even with onboard stability axis help..........it's not as refined or predictable as the options available with the 350QX....no GPS...........but for FPV, I'd never consider using the 200. To small and to many mod's required....but there better pilots than myself who race these things in FVP........ it can be done.

tobydogs 02-02-2015 01:45 AM

1 Attachment(s)
i hear ya on the having complete control with the sticks. i'm used to planes and flying is second nature now so the smart/safety mode is strange to use. so i stripped off the fatshark and gopro for practice flights in stability and agility modes so i can get used to its throttle with turns response.
the florescent orange is really easy to see even at a distance across the ball field. if it was all white i'd be screwed on orientation.

pizzano 02-02-2015 02:24 AM

Smart move.....I just went with the front under carriage in dark blue. Made a big difference......still a guess when LOS is past my old focal limit.....:D

tobydogs 02-02-2015 03:20 AM

i wasn't wearing my prescription sunglasses today since they are always in my car and i had my wifes car.

los is greatly improved when wearing them.i think i see clearly without them and then put them on and wow!!what a difference....i wear them even at dusk or on cloudy days flying:tc:
snows falling as i type and we may get 8inchs on top of the 6 already down. so may not be going quading anytime soon.

one thing i do miss is the timer on my eclipse 7 hitec tx,the rtf blade came with a dx5 . my video shows i flew for 9+minutes. it's really boring,so i'll wait till i have something interesting to film and then i'll post a video.

pizzano 02-12-2015 09:40 PM

Hey Stu........any vid's....?

I took my 200QX out yesturday evening (4:30pm) to vid (with the fish-eye) some action over the regional park near me.........there was a club car show and some live DJ stuff going on for a mid-week event the old timers do as part of a "farmers market" once a month there.
I was parked on a hill about 150 feet above and about 75 yards outside of the park limit....had a good vantage point to get a shot at the custom cars, be it a pano view.......

Anyway, a slight breeze, still using the 5030 props, pretty stable hover. Just finished about 7min. of vid, brought the quad down and was just about to pop the SD card into my lap-top (I take along to review what I shot away from home)......up the dirt road comes a Regional Park Ranger. He flashes his red & blues and gets out of his truck waving his arms..........shouting don't leave......lol

Here's an old still of the location (general vicinity) where I do my flying. The park area is to the s/w (left) most portion of the picture.


Long story short......asked if I had "formal" permission to be there (even though I was outside of the park boundary).....gave me a warning (the park is State property) and confiscated my SD card......guess it could have been worse......not going to fight this one. I frequent that location quite often, never during high traffic..... and never once have I ever seen a Ranger anywhere near by......?

It was the first time I had taken the quad up there with the 5030 props. It usually very breezy.......but the quad handled quite well compared to the other vists with the stock props.. Guess I'll wait awhile (let things die down) and give another shot at some vid of the area.........;)

tobydogs 02-12-2015 09:59 PM

dang,that suk's.....:mad:

after reading how another watt flyer recently had his field shut down do to quads and now this. now i am going to worry about the schoolyard i videoed a 9 minute flight of the 350qx. really very boring as i only used the smart/safety mode as a novice.
i also took a vid in my back yard and worry my neighbors might get bugged out. but i didn't fly very high in the backyard. maybe 100ft.

i'll have to post them on youtube so you can watch a few minutes but no one is going to want to watch the whole thing...lol[popcorn].

i hope things quite down for your flying site and i am shocked the ranger took your sd card,seems a bit extreme. those sd cards can be cheap or expensive depending on the cameras need. i wouldn't be happy handing over the gopros sd card.

pizzano 02-12-2015 10:20 PM

"i am shocked the ranger took your sd card....."

I had a choice.....it was that or the quad and camera........lol.......the Ranger was very nice about the whole thing.......even after I mentioned that I was outside of the park boundary and completely out of harms way.......seems the "authorities" are being school'd on how to deal with the "drone" issues (as the Ranger put it).......and since there is now a law that prohibits the use of UAV within State and Federal property (this park's boundaries are not that well defined), there was no sense in debating the issue with him (he carries a weapon)......lol

Anyway, it was a 2g SD......cheapie and I had nothing on it prior to that vid.........now I'll just scope my location out abit better prior to launching anything.....I've flown my Slow Stick and Tiger Moth there at least a dozen times prior.........just got to find the Rangers "sniper" location and stay out of his jurisdiction........:D

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