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Fishbonez 06-15-2014 07:50 PM

Parkzone Sport Cub
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Ok so this is my first review and since I have never done one before I will do my best to "paint the right picture" so here goes.

This is the unboxing/build review of my new Parkzone Sport Cub. http://www.wattflyer.com/forums/atta...1&d=1402858622
Now I have one of the most curious cats on this planet and it seems he like to do a proper inspection so he unofficially holds the title of Quality Control Inspector

First of all, the packaging was perfect as you can usually expect from a Horizon product and everything was in good shape and all parts present. This being the BNF version it comes with a car charger and a 1300 MAH battery. Just my .02 cents on car chargers, I don't trust them. Why risk burning down your car in the possible event there is a problem with the Lipo. Also if you are an intermediate pilot then you already have a good charger and there will be no need for this cheap charger. It also came with instructions. They are taped to the bottom of the Styrofoam so don't throw away the box until you have checked for that. http://www.wattflyer.com/forums/atta...1&d=1402858622


So after a quick check by my QA we were ready for the build


This is an ARF and the build is fairly simple. So after a quick read of the instructions, I began the install of the landing gear. Now this kit coms with the brackets you will need if you decide add the optional floats. I ran into small problem because at first glance I was unsure which bracket was which. The instructions wee little help in this decision but once you look at the skirts it become obvious which bracket is which. Just in case it is not its the bracket with the strange type squares on each side. So I attached the wheels on both end using the attached hardware and snapped in the skirts with ease. You then need to just slide the bracket in and secure them with the attached hold down brackets and screws. Now the instructions refer to bag A for the hardware and that is where they were. Unfortunately all my bags were labeled A so I had to test fit all screws to ensure I was using the correct ones.

After a quick QA inspection, QA noticed that the hardware holding down the LG does not sit flush on the fuse. I tried multiple combinations to see if maybe I had installed them backwards or something. Quickly ran out of combos and no change so that will be added to my cons list. This angered the QA team so much my QA officer decided that it was time to take a cat nap and refused to return.

Next came the tail feathers. Relatively simple just slide them together and attached to the fuse with attached screws. What I thought was pretty neat that there is a screw to attach the rear steering wheel and it seems to pivot on that screw and I think it may add some strength to it.



Finally came the main wing. Now I kind of got into "the zone" and for got to take pictures but it was relatively easy there were a few problems that I will address here in a moment. Now the wings have these vortex stabilizers and they are installed by just removing the double sided tape on each wing and then pressing them on stabilizers in place. Now I am a big fan of packing on the wings. yea I know rookie move but it works and I can be pretty abusive to planes at times. So I took the time to add tape to the edges to sturdy them up. I use Gorilla clear tape and in my opinion this is the sturdiest packing tape on the market and will make the wings very sturdy. Place the wing spar in place and she is ready to be place on the fuse.


I also took the time to carve out the flaps and add the flap servo. Now here comes another con. The flaps come with, for a lack of a better descriptive word, a hanger type rods that attached to the servo arm. Glued on are some attachment that allows you to add the clevis. it works but what a pain in the tail to get on. I think it would save a lot of headache if they would have done it traditionally with 2 servos and I may just do that at a later time. The idea is to save some money, the customer only having to buy one servo rather than 2 and in this day and age saving a little cant hurt. So any way time to bind and hook everything up. Which brings me to another con. The plane comes with the new AS3X receiver which is great but they already glued it in place for you and adding the servo wire into the AUX channel took a little finesse. Put simply I took it off and hooked it up and glued it back in place. This also brought another con which I will get to in just a bit. After binding and checking to see if everything was good to go it became to tie to attach the wing to the fuse. Just four screws. Suddenly a con came into place after adding the plastic cover and lining up the screw holes. The bracket that holds the nuts to the fuse kept coming out of place while attempting to screw the wing in place. No a big deal just use my trusty gorilla tape to keep in place and finally got her screwed in. Now back to that other con. This plane comes with the AR636 AS3X Receiver. Pretty cool however you have to assume that all settings are correct because currently there is no way to program the RX and while glued in place you cant check to see if the stabilizer is working the proper way. For example checking by tipping nose up to ensure the elevator goes in the proper direction etc. Finally put on the wing struts and she is ready to go, SO when is the maiden? Good question but as soon as I can I will do my best to get a video.



http://www.wattflyer.com/forums/atta...1&d=1402857358finally OK this looks like a really nice cub. Is it a hooped up Super Cub? I think so but its al the mods that we always do to the Super Cub. Built better and it looks great and with AS3X should handle wind far better than any SC. I'm excited about the flight.

Pros: well built, AS3X (cant beat that)
Cons: Landing gear mounts are not flush, not a fan of the flap hardware, AS3X is already glued in place and to date not programmable leaving customer to assume everything is good.

Maiden: Completed yesterday June 16
I got to tell a this plane was fun. Nothing spectacular but just relaxing to fly. My pucker factor was actually below 10 like a seven only because I was unsure how the AS3X would do in the wind. I got to tell you there is no worries with this plane. However I give you a bit of caution, my video footage is raw and unedited and the plane was hard to see at times because of the bright sky we had here. The second flight was not recorded either but, rolls both to the right and left with ease. Loops were kind of scary because she wanted to stay inverted a bit longer than I would have liked but again I am sure that was the AS3X. Flaps not needed lands like it was on cotton.

So in conclusion great plane. I think it would make a great second plane. If you own a Super Cub and would like the mods but don't want carve up your plane. Well here it is all done for you. If you want an aileron trainer. Here ya go. If you want a plane to just chill with, well Here ya go. cant say enough about her.
Gotta go want to take her up again

dahawk 06-15-2014 10:31 PM

Great review ! I love the call letters 480 papa Zulu

Could it possibly come with a 480 motor ? Lol. And could it not be Park Zone ?

Let us know how she flies !


Fishbonez 06-17-2014 02:00 PM

Maiden complete
Ok finally got the maiden completed and uploaded. I will update my original post with it but this plane flies excellent just a relaxing Sunday flier

1987tc 07-01-2014 10:55 PM

Nice review. And I am really enjoying my Sport Cub. Not sure if you noticed. But you have the landing gear fairings on wrong. Wide part goes next to the fuselage.
Not a big deal of course.

Fishbonez 07-02-2014 12:04 AM


Originally Posted by 1987tc (Post 951994)
Nice review. And I am really enjoying my Sport Cub. Not sure if you noticed. But you have the landing gear fairings on wrong. Wide part goes next to the fuselage.
Not a big deal of course.

No I did not notice that thanks. I am going to fix that right away

deadair 07-02-2014 04:46 AM

I noticed that you used the wrong brackets for securing the landing gear...my SC..came with contoured brackets that are shaped to fit correctly...flush...the ones you used are for securing the aft float struts to the fuse

Fishbonez 07-02-2014 06:29 AM


Originally Posted by deadair (Post 952008)
I noticed that you used the wrong brackets for securing the landing gear...my SC..came with contoured brackets that are shaped to fit correctly...flush...the ones you used are for securing the aft float struts to the fuse

????That is interesting because those were the only brackets mine came with. Wonder if maybe there was some mistake at the factory. For example all of my parts bags were labeled incorrectly :confused:

TimMarkham 08-01-2014 02:39 AM

ar636 reciever
I just got an ar636. I need to know how to hook up flaps, and lights on it? If you can help me out with this, that would be great. I have an older dx6i. I thank you very much.

Fishbonez 10-07-2014 02:09 AM

Flitetest has done a review on this plane as well. They seem to like it as well


dahawk 10-07-2014 02:14 AM

There are now at least 4 I've seen at our club. They all love the Sport Cub. WTS has of course souped his up. Yikes !

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