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garyp1029 06-19-2014 06:50 PM

Dynam Waco Ground Tracking
I have flown my Waco four times, and each time has been a nerve-wracking experience while getting it off the ground. My first tail-dragger, the Super Sportster rxr, was well behaved from the beginning and was no problem. But the Waco---it will not track straight on takeoff. I am aware of the torque and left-pulling problem but have not figured any way to solve the problem. I have experimented with tail wheel position, dual rates, and expo without much success. Would putting some right thrust in the motor help? MY QUESTION--Can anyone give suggestions which would help me tame this plane on the ground? ???? My transmitter is the Spektrum 6i. Thanks. Gary

Wrongway-Feldman 06-19-2014 07:00 PM

How do you start your roll out?
If you are going to nearly full power immediately that would account for the problem.
Build power slowly with a tail dragger and allow the tail to come up. Then allow the plane to take off on the wing with very little elevator input.
You'll find you will have much more control this way.

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