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carpetbagger 06-24-2014 11:59 PM

Pilot QB 10H Build:
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This B 10H will not be exactly to plan - my builds hardly ever are, but it will be close. The Pilot kit used Liteply for the fuselage sides and formers, and I used Liteply for the sides and a couple formers, but shifted to 1/16" balsa laminations for other formers. So here we go . . . bulkheads made, fuse on my sort of jig, fuse glued up.

carpetbagger 06-25-2014 12:12 AM

QB 10H cont.
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Next up the wings. This is a major deviation from the plan since I had my new and improved hot wire cutter going - so I cut foam cores and sheeted them with 1/16" balsa glued on with WEST epoxy resin and squished down in my wing press which is a pair of sturdy Melamine boards with 14 carriage bolts and wing nuts doing the squeeze thing. The dihedral was just butt glued and covered with 1 1/2 oz glass. Peel ply squished down on wet glass lam saves a ton of sanding = none required.

carpetbagger 06-25-2014 12:13 AM

I should add the aileron torque rods are major overkill at 3/32" MW.

carpetbagger 06-25-2014 12:24 AM

adventure with Sharpies . . .
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My QB 10H will be silked, and I had a dyed some silk with Rit, but . . . spackle patches and other wookies left the fuse rather mottled. The 24" liteply wasn't long enough after I moved the firewall forward for the electric motor install since I like to keep the prop disk where it was designed to go, and thata bit of splicing was done on the tail end. So I figure if I gave it a red wash coat then the red silk would look a little better.

Enter the red Sharpie . . . I want to the ink out. I cut the back end off and see a cartridge-like thinger, so I cut a little more and grab the cartridge and pull it out. Oh dear, getting kinda messy, and me with no nitrile gloves on. Then I slice the cartridge with a single edge razor and pluck out the fiberous ink soaked mess and drop it in a small dollop of dope thinner. Yahoo! Success! I have red thinner, ad dope and give various parts a red wash coat. Problem is my hands are RED. In fact after two days off washing, scrubbing, dipping and various solvents, I still have red marks.

There has to be a better way to get ink out of a Sharpie . ..

carpetbagger 06-25-2014 12:48 AM

QB 10H tailfeathers
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This is where the build gets interesting. Fifth pic is a thin box, one a few I built using marine plywood left over from my boat building days - 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm for the narrow perimeter frame. A nice hanger nest for my birds when I carry them in an open pick up truck bed. The plane has to fit, so the tailfeathers, and wings on my gliders, have to come apart.

Fin and rudder, no prob, they will be attached to the fuse. The stab and elevator were built in one piece. Square Al tubing was inset in the middle of the elevator, then the elevator was sawed apart. A telescoping square piece of Al tube will act as the elevator joiner. The stab center section is 3 lams of 1/16" balsa cross grain with 3/32" Al round tube inset in the center lam, and yes the outer lams had to be relieved a touch for the greater than 1/16" fat tubes. After the fin was attached to the stab with try square props the outer section of each stab side was sawed off. Two pieces of 1/16" music wire act as joiners, and magnets were installed to keep the whole mess together - I hope.

carpetbagger 06-25-2014 02:29 AM

She's dressed out in her silk lingerie
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White on the wing - silk from Thai silks which is preshrunk but it shrunk. Went on wet and I perimeter doped it down, let it dry, hit it with 70% rubbing alcohol. Came out nice and snug. The white silk from Dharma was supposed to shrink well, but wait . . . I had soaked it in hot water with Rit dye to turn it red, which no doubt preshrunk the silk. It gave me a few problem wrinkles which I had ti hit with shrink juice a few times.

Next time I will loet it soak a bit instead of my usual quick dip and squeeze out before lating it down. And I think it will need pulling, as in really stretch it some while tacking it down with dope. I was just gently tugging it to pull it smooth while tacking. Works for Esaki and silkspan, but compoared to silk they don't have a lot of wet strength. Silk is tough.

Did I forget the wing rubber bands? No, wing has a dowel pin up front and a pair of 8-32 nylon bolts in the rear. Hatch forward of wing to firewall in magnetic hold down.

Not sure if you can read the scale LCD but it says 367 grams. yet to come, servos, linkages, motor, battery, ESC, and landing gear.

solentlife 06-25-2014 07:56 AM

I had the original Pilot Kit of this in the 80's .... amazing machine on a good 10FSR glow.

Later I swept the wing back and swapped the motor out for a 20 glow ... verticals and fun was outta sight !

Here's my version today - built in foam with pine spars in the wing to stop it folding with the high stress I put it through in flight.



I kept the build pretty close to original .. ribs and spars etc. But of course in foam. The motor is well over-power for it - but it was always designed as a fun machine by Pilot. It flies well on 7x5 but comes alive on the flexy 8x6.
I took out all dihedral and made wing dead flat ... so it looks like wing has 'droop' but in fact it's straight.

It's now June 2014 and she is still flying as good as ever ...

Nice one 'carpetbagger' ...


carpetbagger 06-25-2014 01:23 PM

Yes, Nigel, I read your thread on your foam 10H - nice. Mine will be less frisky with an E Max 300 series 1700 kv motor, but this will be close to 1:1 thrust/weight ratio so it should work.

solentlife 06-25-2014 02:22 PM

Good luck .. and I'm all with you - waiting to see results !


carpetbagger 06-25-2014 05:18 PM

Results may take a while. Shorthanded at work so my part time job is pushing full time plus next buncha weeks. By the time I catch a break it may be hot enough here to fry an ESC before the batt is even plugged in.

solentlife 06-25-2014 05:47 PM


Originally Posted by carpetbagger (Post 951376)
Results may take a while. Shorthanded at work so my part time job is pushing full time plus next buncha weeks. By the time I catch a break it may be hot enough here to fry an ESC before the batt is even plugged in.

I'm still stuck in Crimea .. so no worries !!

Just think of all the money you're earning !


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