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abborgogna 06-25-2014 12:51 AM

Gee Bee foamie sort of
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I like to fly all kinds of model airplanes and for a few years now I have been flying control line along with radio control. On the internet I have gotten to know Igor Burger. Igor is the current world champion control line aerobatic pilot. He lives in Slovakia and is currently practicing for the upcoming Worlds. Igor designed a profile foamie for indoor C/L and a while back I ordered one and flew it a few times. But as my C/L friends like to say I have returned to the dark side R/C. I had enough spare parts to use as a templates to make a new plane but this time it would be R/C. The original was constructed of 3mm depron, the R/C version is 6mm depron. I built the first prototype and quickly found one problem after another. As I was going through the debug period I used a felt tip pen to right change information on the prototype. When I had gotten all the data I could get from the prototype I built a second plane, version 2, and incorporated all the changes. The new plane was a immediate success, the first test flight was a complete success. I am including a set of pictures that show the build process of the GBV2. All cutting was done by hand using an Xacto knife with a #11 blade. Every two or three cuts I would re-sharpen the blade on my stone. Both the prototype and the V2 were completed on a single blade.

mclarkson 06-25-2014 03:05 AM

Looks pretty neat. How about a flight video?

abborgogna 06-25-2014 05:23 AM

I plan the next time I go flying to try and get a video. It's funny you should mention video, Igor also asked for one as well. I will try.

abborgogna 06-29-2014 12:11 AM

well I have a video, how do I post it
I made this video and tried my best to post it, but no luck. I sure could use some help on how to get this video posted.

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