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carpetbagger 06-26-2014 03:08 PM

radio question
Looking for suggestions for a cheap 2 or 3 channel surface type radio Tx. I'm thinking about kit bashing the Tx and using the trigger/throttle channel to operate throttle/cut off on a CL plane.

Yeah, I know about timers but would like an underway adjustable throttle. Also, any hints on how to modify the Tx and make a neat CL handle package?

propnut48 06-26-2014 04:04 PM

Here a lot of guys use a standard air tx and hang it off their belts on hooks. They use them for scale planes and electric planes. The rx controls everything except the elevator that way they can install retracts,flaps, lights, rudder and ailerons for slight wind trimming , ETC.You could use a Tactic $40 2.4ghz tx 4 ch used on the micro planes from Hobbico and bind it to their rx's easily.
Just a thought

solentlife 06-26-2014 04:54 PM

What about a 3rd line ?

My Aircobra had a 3rd line to fire spring loaded rockets - it worked !

Others I knew used 3rd line to unclip a spring that closed an RC throttle on the motor.


carpetbagger 06-26-2014 05:03 PM

3rd line, more line drag. I'll investigate the Tactic rig, already have a Tactic 650 and a couple Rx units, but I was thinking car radio with squeeze trigger would work, and I could always go nutz and use the 2nd and 3rd channel for extras.

propnut48 06-26-2014 05:18 PM

I've gotten away from the 3 line unless it is for throttle and not on an aerobatic plane. Even then I like to have the tx control the throttle so I don't have to hold the trigger. Lots of guys use them for carrier leaving only the elevator for control by the lines. The TTX650 is great in that you can program any rx output term to any channel stick. I have one my self and LOVE IT! Is it a scale plane or an aerobatic plane or other type?

propnut48 06-26-2014 05:29 PM

I have alot (5)of the micro Hobbico planes that came with the TTX403. I transferred them to the TTX650 so easy it was scary. Will use them for some C/L projects.

fhhuber 06-26-2014 06:25 PM

Just about everyone has dropped the 3 line systems in favor of using RC or modified RC to send the signal down insulated metal flying wires.

Less drag, higher reliability.

The modification I would recommend is to make handle that you can move the TX electronics into, essentially cutting the TX case a bit and adding control line mounts to it. You'll have the trigger right there on your flying hand's index finger. You can change the spring centering "steering" wheel into a variable "dial" (flaps or some other options can use this) by removing the spring and adding something to have it hold position when you take your fingers off of it.

3 ch RC + CL = 4 function control... no rudder or aileron needed so its a "full house" system. Elev, Flaps, Throttle and Retracts for example.

Depending on the contest... (if you fly contests) you may want to look up how to disable RF and pass signal down the control lines. If not flying contests you can just go ahead and leave the 2.4 ghz signal.

You aren't going to worry about range... even the cheapest 2.4 ghz based car RC system will have 10X the range of your flying wires. So any that you can find should be fine. Its mostly a question of how hard it will be to add the CL wires to the TX.

You can fairly easily move the battery to a belt pack with a long heavy (18 gauge lamp cord will be great) wire to take some weight off of your hand while flying. 8 cell AA could make your arm tired pretty quick if you leave the TX batteries in the TX case.

carpetbagger 06-26-2014 07:20 PM

propnut48 - "other" as in basic fun CL rig, like a baby flite streak, or a neat rig called Mirage (OZ plan) and maybe a baby ringmaster. All my motors are small (180-300) so plane will be small unless I get the giggles and decide to go for a wide open stunter.

fhhuber - Exactly ! Yes indeed, a spring loaded to zero squeeze throttle is what I have in mind. I forgot about the battery but I have enough serious wire and connectors laying around I should be able to cobble together a remote pack.

No contest to worry about - hardly any flying activity in my area save for gung ho warbirds. My first love, free flight - nothing. Probably have to drive more'n half a day to try out ALES glider comp.

propnut48 06-26-2014 08:11 PM

You could use one of the toggle switches to start and kill the throttle instead of the stick. Just assign it to a 2 position switch like the gear switch.

carpetbagger 06-26-2014 11:32 PM


Originally Posted by propnut48 (Post 951487)
You could use one of the toggle switches to start and kill the throttle instead of the stick. Just assign it to a 2 position switch like the gear switch.

I prefer an analog throttle, not go no-go.

propnut48 06-28-2014 12:37 AM

For scale planes proportional is good. For full throttle /no throttle a switch is good like for stunt.All depends on your venue.

flypaper 2 07-05-2014 03:20 AM

A buddy of mine flies a controline with a car controller with the trigger type throttle on it. Controline handle in one hand and the car controller in the other.


carpetbagger 07-05-2014 03:52 AM

I will try to unitize the rig = ukie handle with throttle trigger. Radio should arive next week, hopefully, so after I fiddle with it I will figure out the end result.

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