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solentlife 06-29-2014 07:03 AM

F16 - tractor prop !
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Back in Glow days it was common to have Jets with motors mounted up front ... I had Mirage 2000, Mig 15 etc. and they all flew very well. No worries about Prop Bite when launched ... balance was easy to set-up.

So here's a little gem that I picked up online ... but I have been playing with it to remove some of the more obvious non-scale parts (it will never be scale - it's what I call Impression Scale).

I'm not sure who drew up the original - but my thanks to him and I hope he does not object too much my using the plan ...

One of the first things I did was to move the tail plane back into the fuselage line .. lower it to same level as main wing. Size was reduced to a more reasonable level.

Then the main wing was angled more on LE sweep .. span reduced so the outline was more in keeping with an F16.

Exhaust cone added to rear ..

Work on the plan is still ongoing ...

Intention is to have a high KV motor up front and a reasonable small high pitch prop. Basically swap a PUSHER set-up round to the nose !!

I hope the weight will go down .. plan shows 850gr .......... I hope to get this significantly down .. maybe to about 500gr ..

Construction in Depron and floor sheet ..

Attached are original plans (showing the 15 Glow ) ...

More will be posted as I work on the plans ..


solentlife 06-29-2014 11:32 AM

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Further modification entails adding the lifting fuselage side sections - so characteristic of the F16 ...
Adding these will allow further reduction of overall span ...

The box nature of the original plan will be retained - to aid building. Radiused corners on a box are far easier than trying to create an aerofoil shaped fuselage as the F16 has ...

The point is to get to a shape that in the air is somewhat like a 16 ...

Controls down to 3 .. Throttle + Ailerons + Elevators. But only 2 servos. The use of torque rods ... separate servo rods of course for ailerons - with elevators also separate clevis but on a single Y rod.

I'm avoiding the linked elevators to ailerons as I have on my EDF F16 ..

I know what some are thinking ... why doesn't he just get hold of an F16 proper plan ?

Well .. true - but I've got time on hands sitting here in Crimea ... so why not play with an existing plan ... try and get to an Easy to Build version ?

And I'm not really a Profile fan ..

I am just converting my first trial version to PDF for upload .. so you can see where I'm going ... note - this is an interim plan only ... there's lots more to do yet !


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