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thepiper92 07-06-2014 04:41 AM

AS6410NBL setup
Okay, so I have a replacement board for my UMX Sbach. It refused to bind the first day I tried, and it suddenly started working. Anyways, it is important to note programming that was left out, and might I add, a very important thing to be left out. This is the receiver found in all UMX planes from what I know. On page 8, a very small section of programming is written out, the first being setting up dual aileron, which is max throttle combined with the right stick to the bottom left (full up elevator and left aileron), followed by powering on the plane. Now this screwing around with the ailerons took some time, as the ailerons wanted to move together or only one aileron. Well after that, I smacked the plane up, brand new fuse and all. Wasn't too bad, just spinner and prop. What caused the crash was that the system was correcting my elevator the incorrect way. If, for example, the tail is forced up, the plane will give up elevator to make the tail stay down and keep the plane level. Mine was doing the opposite, for when the tail moved up not from my control, the AS3X would give down elevator, and that of course is an instant crash. My rudder was also this way, although elevator is much more noticeable clearly in this situation. To fix this, you must reverse the servos, so the system corrects the control in a manner which doesn't turn your plane into a Kamikaze. This is done, actually, the exact same way as setting up ailerons, only you give full down elevator plus left aileron, or full down and right aileron, and last full up and right aileron. Each of these changes a different servo, and this is something that should really have been included in the manual.

I hope this can help some of you if you should ever need to change a board, or simply you just have an issue with the original board, which apparently has happened when the voltage is too low and the servos just reverse on their own for whatever reason.

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