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solentlife 07-08-2014 07:17 PM

Avro Lancaster ... return to this classic and electrify
Back in 1980's ... I had Chris Golds Plan of the Styrofoam 4 x 20 IC engine 90" span Lanc ...
Idea was to build and create BoB fly-team in the Club I was with ... Other guys would build the Spit and Hurri to go with her. I lent the plan to one of the guys and sadly - when I left UK I forgot to ask it back ... he passed away and the plan got lost amongst his things. I only found out much later when it was too late.

Today - I decided that I would replace the plan and spent the 20.98 to get a full set of plans again. OK - the first set I had were free with the magazine all those years ago ... but ??

What is it ?

A sport scale 90" span model made of block Styrofoam, originally powered by 4 x 20 glow engines, fixed U/C, working rudders etc. A 7 function machine. The engines were split into outer and inner pairs for throttle control. Basically you would open up outers to a steady speed ... open up and speed control by the inners ... so you avoided extreme moment arm torques etc. from those outers.
It may not have been true scale - but she certainly had the look .. and at 90" a presence that was unforgettable.
Use of Styrofoam meant cheap and quick construction ...
The overall construction and weight - lends itself to electric totally ... and would result in a model with good cowls .... and no unsightly mufflers etc. sticking out ! Budget motors and no high demand LiPo / ESC's would see her fine.

Well - plans are on their way to my home and should be there when I get home ... once I've got some of the other projects out of the way - I shall be unrolling and hot-wiring a few styro blocks ...

Finally I may just get to build the Lanc and do Honours to my Mum who was involved with Lancs during the war.


rcers 07-08-2014 07:36 PM

Nice we need more Lancs around. Plenty of 17's and 24's around nice to see this going. :)

pmullen503 07-08-2014 07:58 PM

This may be a little too "sport" for my tastes but it does show how to put together a large foam multi-motor model on the cheap!

Easy-to-build B-17, B-29, P-47 and B-24

solentlife 07-08-2014 08:14 PM


Originally Posted by rcers (Post 952534)
Nice we need more Lancs around. Plenty of 17's and 24's around nice to see this going. :)

Here's a thread on a build of the CG Lanc ...


There's others on the Brit RC sites as well ....

Just a pity about the motor sound !!

Still - as you say - we need MORE !!

My prev. smaller version failed because of that fuselage and the wing seat area weakened the structure so much that when it fell of the bench - it just broke up ...


solentlife 09-09-2014 05:23 PM

Plans arrived .... replacing ones I lost years ago.

Now to see if I can amalgamate use of my laser cutter for hard formers / templates and foam for infill creating what plan shape shows.

It will be a long term project, so I hope you all have patience !


solentlife 09-18-2016 08:47 AM

I have not forgotten this ... just so many other things going on.

The main fuselage is made and needs foam blocks to fill and shape. Its constructed of pine longerons and ply formers with depron sheet infill to complete the box before adding the foam blocks.

The big problem ... and I do mean big - is the wing ... all 93" of it. I plan to build in 3 sections ... middle section which spans from outer motor to outer motor other side and then the outer tip sections.
My auto cutter bed is not big enough for the wing chord !! I need to extend the back of it so I can have hot wire frame run the chord.


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