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Glacier Girl 08-23-2014 06:36 PM

Bad things happen in threes today.
Should have known better, rare Saturday off and had to decide between HDL's and flying. Whoops, "accidentally" turned the sprinklers on so can't work in the yard, so might as well go flying. Bad decision.

Load up the truck and off to the field I go.
First up Bixler 2. Preflight check good, launch and bad thing number one shows up. Low power. Had enough to climb but not the normal zip. Do a little gliding around, power back up and set up for a landing. All good. Well not all. Pop the hatch to unplug the pack and see I now have a sausage instead of a pack. Great, nearly new pack, and it's toast.

Lets go for number two. SU35 a friend gave me. Been trouble since day one for him. Never flew right. I changed over the electronics to eliminate that. Launched and it flew just fine. Got a feel for it, and decided that was enough. Set up for landing, no gear so you have to plop it down, or risk catching the intakes on the bottom. No problem. Just as it's about to touch down I pull up elevator. Didn't notice the prop had stopped in the vertical position. Instead of a plop, I got a slam. Prop caught and slammed the plane to the ground. Ripped off the motor and mount.

Well let's make it a triple.
My brand new Squall. All brand new rx, fan, motor, esc, servos, and packs. Preflight and boy it's got some thrust. CS 70mm 10 blade, 2100kv motor, and 6S pack.

Launch and it's a cruise missile. Goes up about 25 feet and levels off.
I, for what ever reason, look down at the tx to confirm I'm on low rates.

Did I mention it's fast? Look up and it's a dot in the sky and about to wink out. Instinct, and I cut the throttle and start to bank.Thank the big guy it starts getting bigger in the sky. Loosing some altitude so I pull back on the elevator a little. Okay good it's starting to climb. Uh oh, something isn't right. Stupid instinct forgot to apply throttle. She stalls and snaps into a spin. No control and she goes in.

Well that took all of about 5 seconds. Mark the spot, and start the walk of shame. Get to the spot and see it's on the border of a large pond, surrounded by swamps. Great... Well it's not on this side, and no ripples in the pond so It must of gone in further back on the other side of the pond.

Good half mile or so to get to the other side. I'm drenched in sweat, covered in bugs and what ever else. Start a grid search, working the throttle to hopefully hear something. Tough area, the low grass is waist high, the tall grass is 8 to 10 feet high. Not hearing anything, I finally get to the back side of the pond. I hear something and see movement in the water. But it's on the end of a jetty that goes out to the middle of the pond.

I spy what looks like a game trail going out on it. Take a step and the ground is mushy. Great. Second step and I'm up to my neck in mucky water. Did I mention I had my wallet, key fob, phone, and tx with me?

Yep all of em under water, and of course the phone and tx were on.

Meanwhile I'm thrashing in the water, trying to unstick myself from the muck on the bottom. Hmm, I don't remember seeing those two logs in the water. UH OH< THOSE AREN'T LOGS THOSE ARE GATORS!!! AND THEY ARE COMING TOWARDS ME!!!

Let's just say I learned to walk on water. I didn't stop till I was on the far side of the pond. Looked back and I could see the two gators were right where I had been. And then it dawned on me, said trail was a gator trail, and the frogs I heard croaking weren't frogs.

Well the gators have a new plane to play with and I have what appears some now worthless electronics.

Guess I should have done the HDL's instead.

Don Sims 08-23-2014 08:08 PM

Ohhh cruuuudddd... Not a good day at all!

tobydogs 08-23-2014 08:46 PM

dang!!!!that is a bad day:(

Rockin Robbins 08-23-2014 09:15 PM

Did anybody tell you you had a bad day?

CHELLIE 08-23-2014 09:16 PM

Wow, Now that is a Bad Day :eek: Glad you were not Gator Food :D tomorrow is another day, Take care, Chellie

AirmanAirhead 08-23-2014 10:12 PM

Your story reminds me of a time when one of flying buddies lost his plane in a swampy area. He was wading through it and looked up and saw a "V" ripple in the water moving towards him. He asked me if we had alligators in N. Calf. I laughed and said of course we do. But we don't... and it turned out to be an otter out for a cruise.

Gosh I didn't realize that some folks really DO have alligators to contend with. Glad you got out of there!

Sorry you had such a bad day!

carpetbagger 08-23-2014 11:23 PM

Good grief - I suggest the Buddy system next time you go flying. Your day sounded dangerously close to disaster.

riverrat 08-23-2014 11:44 PM

Gosh I didn't realize that some folks really DO have alligators to contend with. Glad you got out of there!

Glacier Girl

Sorry you had such a bad day![/QUOTE]

Yep! Some people have to contend with these creatures! When a model
lands or crashes near a Gator it is toast! I guess they think it's a bird? I keep a loaded weapon on hand when my English Pointer is let out to run.
They really love dogs & birds!!!

Really sorry Glacier Girl about your bad day! But glad you didn't get chomped on!


kyleservicetech 08-24-2014 02:20 AM


Originally Posted by carpetbagger (Post 955768)
Good grief - I suggest the Buddy system next time you go flying. Your day sounded dangerously close to disaster.


Last year, we had a senior citizen, well into his 70's go into the underbrush several thousand feet North of our field to retrieve a model. Some of that underbrush is over your head. And, it's got two foot deep swamp water in it.

We had to go looking for him. He was lucky, both the senior citizen and his model were found, both were in poor shape. We've to many younger members willing to retrieve errant models. We warned hit to never do that again.

pd1 08-24-2014 01:42 PM

We don't have gators up here in the north east, probably the taxes are too high for them.
I've never given a thought to having contend with gators while flying, wow that's scary.

The only encounter I've had with a gator in the wild was once on Interstate 95 coming north from Florida around midnight at the Georgia border, the driver stopped to relieve himself.
There was a "tire gator", which was what we jokingly called truck tire casings was on the edge of the road.
What we thought was only a tire carcass, opened its mouth.
I don't know it's length but it went from the edge of the pavement all the way to the breakdown lane stripe and it was diagonal to the breakdown lane.

Joe moved real fast after that, which is good because I was busy shutting my window, I didn't know if the thing could jump too.

Flying with gators... never want to think about that.


p.s., Warning the more times I tell this story, the bigger the gator gets.
It really did seem that large at the time.

riverrat 08-24-2014 02:28 PM

Is this still OT?

I'll make a guess your Gator encounter happened in the spring
or fall. It was probably a little chilly & that Gator was enjoying
the warmth from the asphalt.


max2112 08-24-2014 06:29 PM

Dang, Brad! Sorry to read about your troubles. At least you are all right with no permanent scars.

Will you have to get a new transmitter?

xmech2k 08-24-2014 09:51 PM

Sounds awful! Sorry to hear it. And my company here is closing it's doors in a couple of years and moving some of it to Florida, even offering us to interview to move there. I'm convinced. I'm staying here!

Glacier Girl 08-24-2014 10:46 PM

It's not the gators you see, it's the ones you don't that you have to worry about.
I'm guessing me thrashing around in the water was like ringing a dinner bell for them.

Well status report. Key fob survived,ditto the wallet and stuff in it after a day of drying. Tx and phone both got a distilled water bath, blown out with compressed air, and are sitting in front of a fan at the moment.

Ticked about the bird, even more on the tx, I fly all my smaller stuff off of it, so I'm grounded for a bit.

xmech2k 08-24-2014 11:20 PM

Just glad you came out unscathed. The rest of the stuff is replaceable! And here I was worried about rattlesnakes and tarantulas! You hear stories of people drowning trying to retrieve their cell phones. ...

mrbeer 08-28-2014 05:52 AM

Not a good day at all!

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