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carpetbagger 08-31-2014 01:46 PM

more questions . . .
Slowly but surely my build of a Wind Surfer Baby is coming together. I added spoilers which may be to big for the 54" span = they are 1" wide x 6" long and set well outboard on the inner wing panel to mitigate wake problems on the tail feathers. Simple cable pull to operate. Dug into my fishing tackle box and found 15 lb nylon coated Sevenstrand cable that slides smoothly in the thin yellow tubing from Stevens Aeromodel.

Question #1: From pics of other models it appears boxing the spoiler bay is optional. Do you think I need to box the bay or is it okay to leave it open?

Question #2: I have no experience with flying tails as in no stab, all elevator. How much throw is needed? Wind Surfer plans have no info there but I figure the movable surface doesn't have to move far to pitch the plane. Throw in degrees would be helpful but I can work with Imperial or Metric measures.

I did an e-power conversion and plane appears to be coming out nose heavy but it does have shuffle room for the battery.

fhhuber 08-31-2014 02:30 PM

Don't add unnecessary weight... so only box the spoilers if it makes sense to strengthen the wing with the box structure or if you expect airflow to want to inflate the wing if its not boxed.
A secondary reason some people box in the spoilers is the tendency of the covering to pull the frame around the spoilers into little bows between ribs, but wider strips around the spoiler bay does more for less weight.

About half the deflection angle for flying stab vs fixed + movable elevator. You can add more throw if you feel the need for aerobatics, but +/- 20 deg from neutral will be plenty to fly.
You may desire some expo to tame it near neutral.

Note that your spoilers being well out in the span can mean yaw if they don't deploy evenly. You can make use of that by programming a mix with rudder or aileron.

carpetbagger 08-31-2014 02:54 PM

Thanks. The spoiler and surround are laminated 1/20" balsa and 1/64" ply and surround is mounted on frame so I think it will be plenty strong against covering shrink pull.

I plan to test spoiler deploy with the servo on a regular channel to see if they track evenly before plugging into a go-nogo channel.

Tx does have expo settings but I'll have to figure those out, also new to me since all my RC experience is old school.

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