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Dani, Welcome to WF!!

First off, a simple wooden replacement would work fine in your situation, without the nubbies on the ends, you only need to make sure that you use a strong enough substance, and that you 'X' your rubberbands when you put them on the top.

The coat hanger mod kind of relies on the existing dowel, as it pushes rearward against it. so you will need something in that hole that the hook can press against.

the mod itself it is very simple, get a magic marker 2 good pairs of pliers and about a 8" piece of good sturdy wire hanger. find the exact middle of the hanger piece and mark it. then place the hanger below the motor mount. using the 2 pliers, (one to hold tight and one to bend the hangar) carefully bend the hangar into a 'U' around the motor area so that you have a snug fit.

with your U in place, place your main wing in its flight position atop the fuselage, and push it back until the U is pinned between the wing's trailing edge and the replacement dowel. then mark the U where you will need to bend it forward on both ends. remove the wing and U and make your bends. then bend the tips of the U toward the rear to create hooks.

now you can mount the main wing without any trouble.

depending on the chosen substitute for the original dowels or even if you made no substitute you may need to tie a string from the bottom center of the U to the fuselage neck to keep the bottom of the U from sliding rearward and meeting the Prop.

once repaired, get your buddy and go back out to the field, once he knows that model damage can be repaired, you might have him hooked as you intended.

I will get you a picture or two when I get home.

Welcome Up!

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