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Default Capricorn - the ultimate flying boat.

I keep getting requests for plans and building instructions for my Capricorn flying boat so I decided to do a build thread. This will save me re-typing and e-mailing the same stuff over and over

I had originally done a long thread on RCGroups with all the details, but I deleted all my posts from that thread.

This design was inspired by the Robbe Gemini. However, the Gemini had several things wrong with it that I didnt like. It was too small, mostly unavailable in the US, over priced and it was the wrong astrological sign!

Since I am a Capricorn, I decided to re-engeneer the entire thing into something better - or at least something that I like better

I have all sorts of planes from small 3D shock flyer types, 3 different "Hydros" of various flavors including a 4Q and my flying Batboat, flying Batcar, 2 EDF's, some heli's and larger balsa planes up to a 3200 watt, 30% Yak.

This is now the ONE flying machine that goes in the truck no matter what else Im taking out. It goes on grass, pavement, snow, mud, gravel, indoors, in strong winds and of course - water

Im on my 5th or 6th one now - version 4 or 5 in the development. Since I built the first one last winter, there are now 12 or 13 of them in our club.

Edit:For those of you just starting and wanting to get straight into the building - 97% of what you need to know is in the first 40 posts or so. Plans are in post 2.

If you read thru post 60 you will have 99.99% of the important details.

You dont really
need to read the whole thread - BUT along the way, there are many small items explained in more detail, lots more pictures, many questions asked and answered and then answered with a different option.

There are also a great many modifications, options and variations discussed as well as pictures of how other folks have done theirs. There is even a VT version by Leadfeather about 1/2 way thru.

I think there is some good info that is worth taking the time to search out.

Here are a few videos to get you started.


And my current second favorite version - the Mini-Capricorn.

This is a video of the latest and favorite version - Mega-Capricorn. Its a giant scale version 87" long and 59" wide.

This is the Mega on the water - my favorite!

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