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If you are interested, I compiled some flight simulator software that is legal and free, called "Flying Model Simulator" or "FMS".
This has been available on the Internet for years, and was always free and legal. There are a number of people all over the world that make new planes for it and there is a program called "Metasequoia" that you can construct the graphics with, if you really want to get into it.

If you just want to play:
1. Download
2. Unzip all files
3. Either install it with fms2alpha85.exe or just run it with FMS.exe (either way works)
4. Select controls, then analog control..., and select joystick or whatever you have.
a. Calibrate first
b. See which channel corresponds to the left stick side-side, and set that as rudder on the left side
c, See which is right stick up-down, it is elevator, enter that number on the left too
d. Right stick side-side is ailerons
e. Left stick up-down is throttle
f. Put the same numbers in Tail-Nick-Roll-Pitch, and that is for helicopters.
5. Then when the screen starts, and after a crash, hit "I" to initialize, and off you go.
6. If your throttle is at zero, some planes quit and you have to hit "I": again.
7. Start with a "trainer" plane, and you will save a lot of crashes.

We always tell the new-comer to the hobby he MUST fly a trainer plane first. When you consider a plane costs $300 to $600 you can see why we say that, just try that P51 Mustang first... We unfortunately lose a lot of brilliant new hobbyists to that same urge.

Good luck,
PS look at post 740 for the Capricorn files.
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