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Yes, that is my name, I'm Dave.

Thank you for the complete set of dimensions, I will plug them in to a Capricorn drawing, then start in on a tiled version, like I just finished for the Micro Capricorn.

I will come back and edit this post with each new update.
Second drawing added the curves to the fuse & rudder, nose still not right.

Here are other posts of interest:
Capricorn Giant=Post 704

Capricorn Mini=Page 40, Post 991

Capricorn Micro=Page 38, Post 933

FMS with Capricorn plane=Page 30, Post 744

JRSFlyer says:
There is no doubler. I reinforced the leading edge with 1/8" carbon fiber rod, not tube but rod.
The brace between the floats is also 1/8" carbon fiber rod.

Newest is now y09m01d14a, with CG notes from builders.
Thank you for clicking my "thanks" buttons...

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