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7Car7, Degreen,
Stopped by to see what's a building here. As usual, great models are being constructed. Your planes are both very nice. Have some good ideas incorporated in the builds. Keep up your great works.
In the meantime I am surveying a website loaded with pictures of finished plastics and some wood construction for my next model. Not to many wood in here though. Still just to look at color schemes and unknowns is nice. The planes are so beautiful. I am sure many of you have been in this site though. Take a look at a few pics of this builder of a static planes. They are marvelous to look at. I like the Dr-1 in here:
After you look click on the Gallery Pages on the bottom for thousands more. I just thought this was a great diversion in between building. It helped me pick a future build. Happy New Year All
**Neons** Bob
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