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Cool Tulsa Unclub

Just wanted to start thread for our group, Just in case anyone traveling to the Tulsa area wanted to find us, and fly some electrics with us.
The Tulsa Unclub was started because a few guys who did not want to fly with the slimers ended up flying in the same soccer fields, and eventualy met and started flying together.
1) always open 24/7/365 (private property with public access and use, soccer fields)
2) No Rules
3) No AMA required
4) No Frequency Board (monitor your own junk)
5) No Politics,(club officers, however James aka smoke johnson, and guy aka Luitenant Laughead, are probably the most pro active at setting up the events.) Thanks Dudes!
6) Fly at your own risk (this means you Brandon Chitty)
7) No Pattern

We are located on the South East corner of 41 St. & Garnett, Way in the back of the complex. We have a Large flying area Big enough for fast planes and EDF. We also have back up fields to fly on, if our main field is being used by the soccer players.

We have about 10 regular pilots, with another 20-30 who show up spuraticaly, or for special events. (ie. night flying, combat, WOOF events)

We may sound a little cold based on the list above, but even though we have no rules. We do practice safe flying. We do help each other, and new people. We do schedual events. We are a great bunch, who enjoy building and flying electric R/C.

Please contact us on Wattflyer if you are comming to the tulsa area, I personaly will make sure you get to fly, even if you can't bring your planes.

Brett aka Surferdude
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