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Default Welcome to the Pusher Jet Forum - Please read

Welcome to the new Pusher Park Jet forum! This forum will be dedicated to all things pusher jet. So, what threads belong here you may ask? Well, here's a short list of planes that should be discussed here:

Any plane that is or resembles a jet and is powered by a pusher prop setup. Examples would be the Steve Shumate designs (depron/FFF built-up jets with pusher props on the tail), mid mount pusher profile jets, EDF kits that have been converted to a pusher configuration, and sport type jets like the Funjet or Stryker.

OK, so what doesn't belong here? Any pusher planes that would be considered beginner type planes, such as the Hobbyzone trainers and things like the Wing Dragon. Those should be in the Beginners or ParkFlyer sections. Nor should there be any true flying wings as they too have their own forum.

Again, welcome to the forum and lets see those pusher jets!

Pat Gagnon
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