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Originally Posted by Octavius View Post
A couple comments for consideration:

1. I think you just made up a new section. Is there simply a "Parkjets" section?

2. I've seen a really nice F4 with a tractor prop on the nose. Definitely not a beginner plane. I doubt anyone would make something like that now but something to think about.

1. Yes, we have simply created a new forum strictly for parkjets. And while most of these planes would fit into other categories (such as ParkFlyers, Warbird Electrics, etc), it's nice to have them all in a single forum for easier searching.

2. I am going through all of the forums slowly but surely and moving anything I think belongs in this forum. Right now I'm strictly going through the EDF section, but if there are threads elsewhere that should be moved here (like pattern14's two threads above), then I will move them at the OP's request. And while technically that F-14 tractor is not a pusher jet, it would probably fit into this forum.

Pat Gagnon
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