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Yes parallel charging required same chemistry,same cell count same as any single channel(out put ) charger.

As per specs. from above

For Battery types: Lithium Polymer (1s to 8s balanced, 1s to 2s unbalanced), Lithium Ion (1s to 8s balanced, 1s to 2s unbalanced), Lithium Manganese (1s to 8s balanced, 1s to 2s unbalanced), A123 (LiFePO4) (1s to 8s balanced, 1s to 9s unbalanced), NiCd (1s to 21s), NiMH (1s to 21s), 6v, 12v, 24v Lead Acid batteries (Flooded, Gel, AGM, SLA)
Up to 21 cells Ni. peak detection , sensitivity user programmable 1-25 mV, Default Presets include Fast charge with trickle for both Ni cad and Ni cad 24 Hr. trickle. At present Max. charge rate for Ni is limited to 6 amps. which many feel is high enough.

This charger is so versatile that it is difficult to find a logical situation which can not be programed into it.

I should add that I have not tried the full range of mV settings . I have charged numerous NiMH cells and packs from 600 to 3300 mAh and it has done extremely well with the supplied Presets.

I have also charged a selection of Pb 6-24 volts and once again it has done an excellent job.. It has a Preset for Flooded cells and also one for Sealed AM /Gel and I have used all three types.

The selection of LiFePO4 I have charged range from 1100 to 2300 mAh 1-8 cells up to 4ea. 4S 2300 in a 8S 2P configuration. The selection of LiPoly charged has been from 120 mAh single cells up to the 4 ea. 4S 3300 2p (8S6600) mentioned above .

I have averaged over 10 hours per day for the past 7 weeks with it now and I am duly impressed.

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