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Originally Posted by SteveM732 View Post
Charles and Jack have done some impressive things with very inexpensive server power supplies. It's a very DIY type of project and not for everyone, but you can't beat the price.

Also look into Mean Well power supplies, I have a 600W 15V unit that is enough for most tasks. Mine came used from eBay at a reasonable price ($60-70 for two of them I think). They also make 24V supplies of higher wattage which is what you'd need to run the PL8 at full power from 120VAC. But at that point you best be making sure you're not going to start blowing fuses or tripping breakers.
- Two of my current charger power supplies are computer system take-outs that I've modified for use. Thanks for the heads-up on 'Mean Well'.

Originally Posted by Jack Doherty View Post
Don't over look the input requirement on the ID.2236, it is of 180V - 264V. Most flight fields only have 110v available.

My thinking is that if I were to purchase this tool, I'd expect to use it at it's full capacity at home and would need to feed it well. Product like the CellPro10 and Multi4 would be good to take to the field. Honestly I'm still surprised to hear anyone even as A/C at a flying field! I have yet to see a field here in Colorado with that (although my primary club did put in Solar D/C supply last year).

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